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Fall Local Authors Showcase - Leesburg Public Library - 2012

The Lake County Library System is proud to announce the third program celebrating local authors and their books. The Fall Local Authors’ Showcase will be held in the Leesburg Public Library on Saturday, October 13th, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. The program is free to the public. In addition to meeting interesting Central Florida authors who specialize in Inspirational Literature, people who attend can enter for a prize drawing sponsored by the Friends of the Leesburg Public Library.


Fall 2012 Authors

Janet Beasley
Linda Barbosa
June Brown
Linda Chapman
Amber Dee
John DeJordy
Lisa DeMarco
Donna DeVito
Anthony Edmondson
Judy Flickinger
Angela Hauzeur
Juanita Jones
Kenn Kincaid
Don Lubov
Jean E. Lane
Stephen P. Matava
Mark Miller
Mark Newhouse
MarjRae Chaffee Molskness
Olivian Peterson-Brown
P.J. Reising
Mary Ann Sciavillo-Lopez
Frank Stanfield
C. Kevin Thompson
Tony Vincent
Michael and Janet Wilson
Lois Wilmoth-Bennett

About the Authors

Janet Beasley

Janet BeasleyJanet Beasley, author of The Hidden Earth Series (a six novel series), is successfully carving her niche` in the inspirational epic fantasy genre for middle grades and YAs. Even the young at heart are enjoying the escape her writing style presents. Her debut novel, Maycly, raised to #8 on the Amazon Religious Fiction charts during a recent promotion. By appearing at local and out-of-state events, book signings, and speaking engagements, audiences are now perking up when they hear this author’s name…and it’s not just for her fantasy novels. Janet works with her sister and full time illustrator, Dar Bagby, to create more than just stories. Volume 1 Maycly Parts 1, 2, and 3 expands by leaps and bounds with two companion books (a full color illustration book and a cook book), as well as an online memorabilia shop, and amazingly enough – gourmet dog treats. Janet is multi-talented when it comes to her creativity. She excels in multi-media, has developed a training center and its curriculum for AV technicians, and produced – directed – and served as a theater technician. She has written fiction - non-fiction – stage plays - and an autobiography. She has crafted award winning poetry, been published in trade specific magazines, and is currently studying the ropes of expanding the family business into a publishing company for authors of photography / coffee table books. Janet enjoys the outdoors by kayaking and hiking with her husband, and photographing nature. She also loves animals (dogs are her favorite), spending time with her family, and baking cupcakes.

Janet BeasleyMaycly Volume 1 Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the six-volume series Hidden Earth, is an inspirational epic fantasy that takes you on the journey of Iona, a girl in her twenties on Earth, who “has it all” and “loses it all,” nearly giving up on life altogether. She has never questioned her trust in the Grand Wizard, SUL, but when she develops multiple chronic illnesses, loses her wealth, and is forced to deal with the mysterious disappearance of her last three living family members, she chooses to believe that SUL no longer exists. Refusing to ask SUL for guidance, Iona is determined to find her family on her own; however, SUL has other plans for her. When a very special puppy shows up on Iona’s doorstep, things begin to change. The story explodes, taking you to the captivating world of Maycly 100 years prior, setting the stage for their queen’s hopeful arrival. The novel is full of twists and turns, monumental battles, and illustrations of never before seen flora and fauna. Tag along with Iona and her band of newfound friends as she discovers her destiny, faces a myriad of dangers, and continues searching for her family. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, maybe even say “aww.” But best of all, no matter your age, you’ll find characters, Earthly and/or Mayclysian, with whom you can relate.

Linda Barbosa

Linda BarbosaLinda Barbosa is a former business analyst with degrees in management and technology. Since retiring, she has narrated and recorded materials for the blind and physically handicapped. She continues to write under a pen name for a popular advice website. Linda lives with her husband and sweetheart (both the same man) in central Florida where she is a continuing Dharma student.

How Can I Smile at a Time Like This?
Linda BarbosaWhy do we obsess over something we want, worry about keeping what we have, or long to get it back once it’s gone? Why do we insist that someone love us, even if he or she clearly does not? Why do we go through life burdened by guilt, clinging to the past or worried about the future? We waste so much time feeling jealous, insecure, angry, and depressed. And at our lowest moments, we sometimes feel that if life is a gift, we’d just as soon return it.

These recurring themes, so often cleverly hidden within our modern-day problems, strongly resonate with the precious Dharma teachings of 2,500 years ago. The author, who has answered hundreds of worldwide requests for personal advice, employs simple and straightforward dialogue in an easy-to-read Q&A format. Responding to some of our most universal questions, she illuminates the underlying causes of our difficulties, and demonstrates how ancient Dharma teachings continue to create unique opportunities for awakening our true potential.

June Brown

June BrownJune Brown has had a love affair with books since her earliest memories in the orphanage. Besides her avid reading, she served over thirty years as a Sunday School teacher and fifteen years as a church secretary. She is an artist, a poet, pianist, sings in the church choir, and is a team teacher in her adult Sunday school class. She and her husband, Bob, have four children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Broken No More
June Brown'I never told anyone what happened during those summers with my grandparents.' When June Brown was two years old, her father died. Her mother was forced to place her three youngest children in an orphanage, where June would live for the next fourteen years. When she was six years old, June began taking summer-long trips to stay with her grandparents, during which time she was sexually molested by her grandfather. As if that wasn't enough, she had to further endure psychological and verbal abuse in the orphanage at the cruel hands of her housemother and the matron. Broken No More: A True Story of Hope in the Dark is June's powerful story of heartache and pain through abuse—both sexual and verbal—and ultimate joy as she comes face-to-face with her Savior. Along the way, she learns that God has his hand on every situation as he brought people into her life who cared for her in her lowest moments.

Linda Chapman

Linda ChapmanLinda J Chapman was born in Elmira N.Y. She attended and graduated from Odessa Montour Central School. Ms. Chapman and her husband moved to Ocala, Florida in the early 80's and relocated to the Villages. She studied Criminal Law at Corning Community College and is involved with Hospice and Operation Shoebox. Ms. Chapman started writing her book Beyond the Eyes of God when she was thirteen years old, after suffering years of abuse.

At sixty-five the author has finally had the opportunity to complete her book. Her hope is to help all, but she especially wants to teach parents and educators to recognize the signs of abuse so they can better deal with abused children, in order to give them a better chance in life.

Beyond the Eyes of God
Linda ChapmanYou can call this story compelling, or even heart breaking. Some will call it life and shrug it off, saying it doesn’t affect them. But when it’s all said and done, this true story is one that hits closer to home than we wish to admit. Beyond the Eyes of God is the story of Linda Chapman’s fruitless search for love in her own family. Stolen from a perfect and idyllic life with doting grandparents by her own mother, she is thrown into a world of physical and mental abuse that follows her into her adult life.

The innocent narrative gives the reader an intimate look into the mental state of a girl becoming a woman while trying to break the pattern of serial abuse. This is the one book you won’t be able to forget. Whether you can personally identify with it, or if you know someone who lived through similar circumstances, the honesty and straight forwardness of the writing will live with you long after you put the book down. The book is more than food for thought, it is a banquet of what caring people do to children they are given to love.

Amber Dee

Amber DeeAmber Dee, a Fruitland Park resident, is a self-published author, guitar teacher, and songwriter. Now that her son, an artist and web designer is grown, she's become immersed in her music and helping at-risk youths. Her husband is a musician who plays often in The Villages. They enjoy their quiet neighborhood and two stray dogs.

Amber DeeAmber Dee's self-published book, Wreckage shares a glaring memoir about a looming issue, prescription drug addiction. With raw honesty, this little book lifts the shame and guilt that addicts and their loved ones often feel they must carry alone. Not only recreational users, but many legitimate patients in need of pain relief are caught by surprise as drug dependence creeps up. Laced in dark humor, her story, reminds us that with education and open dialogue, this disorder does not have to be so "baffling".

John DeJordy

John DeJordyJohn DeJordy was born in Ohio, but grew up in Holyoke, MA in the 70's and half of the 80's, when computers were still in their infancy. As such, most of his youthful free time was taken up reading, or using his imagination to go exploring. John’s first exposure to fantasy actually came from a chemistry teacher, who ran the school's "Dungeon's and Dragons" club. That exposure unlocked something inside him, creating a deeper passion for the art of writing. Mr. DeJordy has many passions. He explores game worlds such as those created by Sony Online Entertainment where he helps write some of the quests for Everquest. He enjoys the challenge of board and thinking games like chess or Sudoku and has his own LARP (Live Action Role Play), where he and his friends have created a whole fantasy universe. The plots created were complex and diverse enough to fill a bookcase of novels. It was that passion that finally forced him to put his ideas in print. The author hopes you can journey with him as he explores the worlds created for you. If anything, it will be an interesting ride.

John DeJordyPicayune might be just a dormouse, but he always has dreams of grandeur -- from knights and princesses to adventures in faraway lands. Little did he know he would have to overcome his shy, timid ways and embark on his own adventure through the Land of Red Tails, the underground lair of the badgers, the sky mountain fortress of the Hoo-Caw tribe and beyond in search of his best friend, Ameera.

Does Picayune have what it takes? In his dreams, perhaps. This is a story about over-coming shyness and believing in yourself.

Lisa DeMarco

Lisa DeMarcoLisa DeMarco is known around Lake County as the funny waitress who has published two jokes books. Serving Up Some Funny and Serving Up Some Funny Leftovers are both part of her personal collection of tales shared with her over the 30 years she has been in the restaurant business.

Spreading the giggles at Haystax Restaurant in Eustis for over 10-years, Lisa wears her “Jokester” title proudly. Always ready to listen to or tell a joke, she said she thrives on making total strangers laugh out loud.

Lisa is a free-spirited Jersey girl who calls the sunshine state her home. Happily married, to her husband, Joe, and mother to Amanda Jeane and Makenzie Rae, her mission in life is to meet new friends and tell jokes. Old or young, she has a gift for putting a smile on someone else's face, and that she said is the best tip she could ever get.

To learn more about Lisa go to: www.lisademarco.bookblogworld.com; To purchase one of her books go to: www.sbpra.com/lisademarco; To add a joke to her collection, email her at Funyserver@gmail.com

Serving Up Some Funny Leftovers
Lisa DeMarcoIf you believe that LAUGHTER is the “cure-all” prescription to life, then Lisa DeMarco is sure to get your juices flowing. Serving Up Some Funny and Serving Up Some Funny Leftovers are her personal collection of tales.

Lisa says it is the customers, friendly, loyal ladies and gentlemen that make her life complete. They come into her life and inspire her to want to grow old and rejoice in every pleasure life has to offer. She says “I remember every joke, and every person that told it to me. I remember what I thought when I heard the punch line. I remember how I felt looking this person in the eyes after hearing the punch line, and I remember thinking, I hope I end up this cool when I grow up.”

Donna DeVito

Donna DeVitoDonna DeVito was born and raised in Yonkers, New York, where she attended parochial schools. She has worked as an administrative assistant and a practical nurse. She has one daughter, Marisa, and a grandson, Ryder. She has wanted to write a book for a long time, and It’s Never Too Late is the result.

It’s Never Too Late
Donna DeVitoSometimes, life seems to hand you one trial after another; you find yourself thinking that if you hear, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” one more time, you’ll scream—to say the least. You believe God has a plan for you and your life, but so far, you have no idea what it is. For author Donna DeVito, life was an emotional and physical roller coaster for many years; she felt as though she was in a constant tug-of-war with events beyond her control. In It’s Never Too Late, DeVito shares the ups and downs of her history and her search for purpose in life—and her ultimate answer to this search. She found that when she reprioritized her life to place God first, she began to experience the life God had hoped for her.

It’s Never Too Late offers an inspirational story of struggle and disappointment, but also of the hope and success that can be found when God takes priority in one’s life.

Anthony Edmondson

Anthony EdmondsonAnthony Edmondson is married and resides in Lady Lake, Florida . He is a Christian who loves to see unity for all the right reasons. Anthony lives a life that shuns prejudice behaviors while upholding Bible principles. He is a faithful studier of God's word and looks forward to receiving it every day. Outside of being a servant of the Almighty, Anthony is a screenwriter and early-retired firefighter.

Baptism vs Faith On Trial
Anthony EdmondsonBaptism vs Faith On Trial is an audio book performed by professional actors. This 60 minute CD is a fictitious trial that has implemented Bible verses in order to assist all questions and answers throughout the proceedings. 'Water Baptism' and 'Jesus Christ' are the two star witnesses, along with a Judge, Prosecutor, Defense Attorney, and Jury. The objective for 'Water Baptism' is to prove that a person is still lost without experiencing him, while the objective for 'Jesus' is to prove that faith in him is the only element necessary for salvation. Also, full scripts with biblical references are available.

Judy Flickinger

Judy FlickingerJudy Flickinger was a hospice nurse for the last twelve years of her forty-two year career as a registered nurse. Judy retired in 2001 to write Spirit Matters. For several years Judy was a guest lecturer for medical education programs at various collages and nursing schools. She developed and taught certified continuing education programs for nurses and social workers. She has written and published end-of-life articles in several newspapers and has been interviewed on television and radio. Judy is the former president of the North Coast Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association and has served on the Ohio Hospice Association Education Committee. In 2011 Judy was awarded the Central Florida “Woman of Hope Award for her book and her work with hospice.

Spirit Matters
Judy FlickingerSpirit Matters: How to Remain Fully Alive with a Life-Limiting Illness offers a seldom-considered but all-important perspective on what really matters at the end of life. Spirit focuses on the importance of keeping the spirit—the person inside the body—alive and well during the course of a life-limiting illness. Spirit exposes the motives, misconceptions, and lack of knowledge that often prevent dying people from receiving the type of care that can create and maintain a healthy spirit. The book’s message is conveyed in eleven lessons illuminated by the personal stories of dying people and their loved ones.

Readers will learn, laugh, cry, and hopefully realize the near the end of life, first and foremost—Spirit Matters.

Angela Hauzeur

Angela HauzeurAngela Hauzeur is retired and lives in a Florida retirement community with her husband, Frank. She has two daughters who live in Connecticut. Angela has written two books and looks forward to writing many more. She is an avid reader who also enjoys walking, news programs and movies. She is a member of the Write Corner.

The Evolution of Ruby Rose
Angela HauzeurThe Evolution of Ruby Rose is a memoir of the life of Ruby McQuay Rose. The story begins with her birth and progresses from her growing up in segregated Live Oak, Florida to Middletown, Connecticut. The book tells her life story, how she falls in love with the man of her dreams; waits until she is in her sixties to further her education; goes to seminary and becomes an ordained minister. Ruby Rose is a testament of a woman who believes in God and understands that he has a plan for her life.

Juanita Jones

Juanita JonesJuanita Jones is a native of Florida and has resided in Lake County for more than 40 years. She is a retired educator from the Sumter County School District, with 36 years of service. She has also taught reading at Lake-Sumter Community College. Juanita Jones has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Bethune-Cookman College, a Masters in Reading from Rollins College and a Masters in Religious Education from the International Seminary in Plymouth, Florida. In 2008, Rev. Jones was ordained a local deacon in the A. M. E. Church. Current she serves on the ministerial staff at St. Stephen A. M. E. Church in Leesburg, where she teaches a Wednesday Mid-day Bible Study and a Women’s Sunday School class. She also serves as secretary for the church.

Rev. Jones has written two books. Rivers of Living Water is a book of inspirational poetry, and Water out of the Wells of Salvation contains both inspirational prose and poetry. The purpose of her books is to inspire and encourage readers from all walks of life.

Water out of the Wells of Salvation
Juanita JonesWater out of the Wells of Salvation is a book of inspirational prose and poetry. It addresses the issues of life and, without reservation, assures the reader that the answer to all of life’s trials, tribulations, and troubles lies in drinking “water out of the wells of salvation.” As if we were standing in the midst of a scorching desert, our throats parched from thirst, life’s challenges leave us thirsty and dry. But we can be refreshed and restored when we drink water out of the wells of salvation.

Kenn Kincaid

Kenn KincaidDuring 20 years patrolling the streets of Cincinnati, it became obvious to Kenn Kincaid that few, if anyone, really knew why crime existed, how to control it, or how to rehabilitate criminals. Yet, to him, it was undeniable: if crime had cause, it has a cure. After 20 years he set aside his badge for a Bible, seminary, and ministry. Combining the years of policing, with the philosophies/theology encountered in church work provide a unique outlook on life and its ‘antisocial behavior’. He wrote the Pig’s Eye Trilogy to reflect that evil is present, educate what it is, and inspire people to find a life of contentment even among its attacks.

The Pig’s Eye Trilogy
Kenn KincaidA ‘true to life’ police series, set in the early ‘80s, dealing with crime and violence’s unrelenting and escalating nature. Beat Officers Dan Black and Ben White grapple with the origin and cause of crime, society's ineptness to control or reduce it, and how to maintain a content life within a failing society. The ‘cop capers’ and street antics range from serious to humorous. The reader is compelled to continue to see what else they will get into, and hopefully out of. There is no lack of adventure in their lives.

The Game of Blues: Dan gets the first ‘itch’; after fifteen years why are we not making a dent in crime? Main characters' hopes, frustrations, sorrows interplay with the excitement of their encounters and desire to make life worth living. Darkness in Daylight: Evil comes out of the shadows and Dan’s second ‘itch’ appears: If there’s a cause there’s a cure. The ‘cop capers continue as Dan personally pursues murdering bank robbers and a multiplicity of life styles are encountered. The Beat Never Dies: Having determined evil will someday be conquered, but until then, we must somehow find joy enough to make life worthwhile Dan and Ben pursue the question of how to live amongst the chaos in contentment. Among the chases, the main villain’s finale demise, and the extreme sorrow the officers encounter as the price of their pursuit, they find a key to peace in chaos.

Don Lubov

Don LubovMy spiritual awakening took place in 1971. Since that time I have written and lectured on "spirituality with a touch of Zen". My recently completed fourth book on spirituality: Life's Purpose - From Stress To Enlightenment is the text for my classes of the same name, at two (soon three) local colleges. My blog: Spiritshare.net puts me in contact with people from all over the world. My "Six-Step Path" has worked wonders for thousands of seekers, consciously on their spiritual path. I am doing what I was born to do.

Life's Purpose - From Stress To Enlightenment
Don LubovMr. Lubov has written a user-friendly guide for eliminating stress and suffering, finding purpose and transcending to enlightenment. Learn to live in the moment and be the best you can be. Find the "right" acitivities for you and make conscious contact with your Source...the divinity within. My "Six-Step Path" will gently lead you to a life of peace, love and joy.

Jean E. Lane

Jean E. LaneJean grew up in the once active steel town of Youngstown, Ohio. She has lived in the Orlando area for the past eleven years and considers this her home. About ten years ago, she met and later married her husband Ken, and settled in their home just northwest of Orlando. She studied Journalism at Writers Institute and Finance at Penn State. Most of her life was spent working in Accounting and Purchasing. Although she loved working with numbers, she knew she had an aptitude for writing at an early age. Jean had several poems published in Seacoast Life Magazine, Wide Open Magazine and was a poetic contributor to The Copy Desk Flash which was a school newspaper. Later she signed a contract with Creative Directions as a free-lance writer of verse for greeting cards.

It was her love of science and science fiction that prompted her to write her first children’s novel, Lill and Mewe and the Secrets of Mars, the first in her Lill and Mewe series. Her inspiration came with the birth of her niece Lily and shortly afterwards a nephew, Andrew. As with all children, she wanted them to enjoy reading…and there’s nothing like a good adventure.

Lill and Mewe and the Secrets of Mars
Jean E. LaneThe year is 2456MD, (Mars Date) however the events in the story are happening in present times. The Martians track time a little differently than us Earthlings. To the average eye, the planet Mars seems dead, uninviting, dusty, and void of water. I say life did exist here at one time, and still does; we just haven’t scratched the surface. Maybe there’s a lot more happening there, than we can imagine, just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, right?

The secrets beneath the surface could tell another story. The story of Lill and Mewe, as told by Lill herself of how she feels about the lost history of Mars, her current life, and the great strides the Martians have made to recapture the advanced intelligence and technology of their past. It’s about the role they play in our solar system and how they feel about us Earthlings. Are we even worth talking to? What could they possibly learn from us? Maybe we have more to learn from them, but are we willing to keep an open mind? Let’s all find out as the story unfolds in this first book in the series of Lill and Mewe.

Stephen P. Matava

Stephen P. MatavaStephen P. Matava was born of immigrant parents in the small town of Unionville, Connecticut. His retirement gave him the opportunity to spend his time on his first love, writing and also sharing his life experiences with his readers. He has written seventeen novels and one book of poetry. Three of his novels are historical works about the stories told by his mother around the old coal stove while he was growing up. His mother and father grew up in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. The rest of the novels are stories from the material he obtained from his fifty years in the insurance industry. The author now resides in Leesburg, Florida with his wife who is his greatest critic.

The Suicide Clause
Stephen P. MatavaThe Suicide Clause is a novel based on one of the claims that the claim man handled. The body of a doctor is found floating in a lake by a claims man and his two young sons. The investigator’s company had written a large life insurance policy on him the year before which stated that if he committed suicide within two years, the company could deny payment. It was assigned to the young man to clear up the mystery and this took him on a long and complicated journey. He uncovered a witness who lived in a cave that over looked the river where the doctor went in. The river flowed to the lake where his body was found. The story takes some twists and turns before the claim man could identify his killer.

Mark Miller

Mark MillerMark currently resides in Florida with his family. He is an author, following in the footsteps of his namesake, Mark Twain. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Film at the University of Kansas. Some of his favorite movies and books include The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.

Mark has completed five novels, a screenplay, three digital short story series and more. The first three books of his Empyrical Tales have been published by Comfort Publishing. The Fourth Queen, The Lost Queen and The Secret Queen are available in print. Trestle Press published the eBook Daniel’s Lot along with a spiritual series; a children’s educational series, and a faith-based fantasy series that he is co-writing with his daughter.

He believes being a father of four makes him uniquely qualified to write The Empyrical Tales. His writing sends a positive message with strong role models and beneficial morals. His daughters unknowingly provided the models for his characters. Many of their phrases and behaviors can be seen in The Fourth Queen.

Daniel's Lot
Mark MillerSynopsis: Sometimes, our lot in life is just what we need. Meet Daniel Carr, a down-and-out man who divides his days between working a dead-end job and arguing with his wife, the owner of a failing real estate business. Though the answer to his family's financial struggles appears to be a valuable piece of commercial property Daniel has inherited, he remains bound by his promise to his late father to hold on to the land until "the time is right." Finally, losing his job, prompts his wife, Christy, to abandon Daniel and his "sappy Christian stuff." A chance meeting convinces Daniel that he must be obedient to God's plan for his life, but will Daniel's obedience cost him everything? A powerful story about faith, love, and redemption, Daniel's Lot portrays the struggle to follow God's direction while fighting to keep one's family and integrity alive.

Daniel's Lot is the novel adaptation of the screenplay which was produced as a movie in parts of Lake and Orange counties.

Mark H. Newhouse

Mark H. NewhouseThe son of Holocaust survivors, Mark loved being an elementary teacher in Central Islip, New York, and college teacher, and creating books and short stories for numerous periodicals to entertain and inspire the children he loves. His short stories for adults have won various prizes and appear in a number of anthologies including the Journeys series (Court Jester and Fireside Press). Mark is President of the Writers League, Top Cat of the Children’s Authors Team (CAT) and a member of the Authors Guild, SCBWI, and the Florida Writers Association. Please visit his website to see his entire book list. Not even he knows what his imagination will conjure up next.

You Never See Fat Vampires
Mark H. NewhouseAn overweight girl fighting a wacky vampire named Dr. Ghoulash provides lessons about bullying in You Never See Fat Vampires, 1st Prize winner in the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards Competition (YA Published Fiction). In the Rockhound Science Mysteries, three books and CD Rom, Teachers Choice Winner, Learning Magazine (2001), a dog detective named Rockhound solves mysteries with fun science experiments such as making ice pops. These and a child of divorce finding himself living with his uncle, a lawyer for mythical monsters, 3rd Prize winner for unpublished Middle Grade fiction in the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards (2010), and a boy discovering the horrors of the Holocaust in “Stolen Property”, Honorable Mention in the international Writers Digest Short Story Competition (2011), are some of the characters galloping through the imagination of Mark H. Newhouse.

MarjRae Chaffee Molskness

MarjRae Chaffee MolsknessA member of the New Covenant United Methodist Church, Ms. Molskness lives with her husband in The Villages, Florida. Her hometown in Vergas, Minnesota, had only three hundred people. Her Grandpa had a huge influence on her spiritual growth. Her earliest recollections of him are when she was four years old and would sit on the floor furnace grate and listen to him pray, prayers that always included her and the importance of the return and reign of Jesus the Christ on this earth. He read the Bible fervently and offer explanations her childhood mind would devour.

Her family moved to Crookston, Minnesota when she was eleven and her spiritual growth continued. The devoted Christians in the small church she attended were not afraid to talk about the future as children of the Almighty, or to speculate on end time events. She was never afraid to express her opinion on Heaven, the Millennium, or other mysteries in the Word of God.

The study of the dispensations left the deepest imprint on her spiritual life. Their concept has been a great guideline in both teaching and studying throughout her lifetime. The last dispensation that of the Millennium, is what thrills her mind and soul so much that it prompted the writing of this book.

Living in the Millennium
MarjRae Chaffee MolsknessWhy is the Millennium the neglected prophecy? Why were thousands of books written predicting who the anti-Christ might be, or trying to determine if we would be raptured at the beginning, the middle or end of the tribulation, or myriads of books about Heaven itself? Why do we skip right over the Millennium?

We, who entered the Millenniums as immortals, are given assignments, celebrate holiday feasts, attend courses given by prophets from every dispensation, ride giant turtles in the reconstructed Garden of Eden, formulate advances in all areas of science, and have joy unspeakable and full of glory. Pleasures are innumerable but our responsibilities and labors have not ended.

This journal is filled with interesting submissions from numerous individuals around the world, from various cultures, different nations, diverse professions and from different age groups, each describing the circumstances surrounding their own journey into this distinct world. This world sees King Jesus walking the hills of Judea once again, or strolling the streets of Trondheim, Norway, as well as helping students in classrooms interpret weather patterns, or encouraging musicians to master the new musical notes he has introduced.

Living in the Millennium is meant to stimulate your own ideas and expectations of what miraculous things can happen when Jesus is in total control. View more at www.livinginthemillennium.com.

Olivian Peterson-Brown

Olivian Peterson-BrownBorn in the 50’s, raised by a single Mom, Olivian experienced too much of life way too soon. She was raised in the South for the most part. As the child of an agricultural migrant worker, she lived on labor camps in the North East during harvest time. Her education was much better in the North and she developed a voracious appetite for reading and devoured books. Books and all kinds of music became her escape from the reality of her life. Following closely in her mother’s footsteps, there was more devastation and heartache than she bargained for. Running away from home seemed to be a pastime until she finally struck out for good on her own at 17 with a man 10 years her senior. And so the saga began. Three daughters and several relationships later, she came to the end of herself and realized that she could not fill the God void with people. It had to be God and He was ready, willing, and able to rescue her from herself. And that’s exactly what He did.

Hit Me, Kick Me, Hit Me Again
Olivian Peterson-BrownThis book is a collection of snapshots covering the first 40 years of my life including episodes of betrayal and domestic violence. If it were a movie, it wouldn’t make the PG ratings at all, at least not by my standards. It moves rather fluidly from one scene to the next showing the damage and collateral damage that can be done if emotions are out of control. It also describes and testifies to the healing power of God when He is given complete control of one’s life. Although there are some rather graphic descriptions of what took place, the latter part gives hope for those struggling with similar issues.

P. J. Reising

P. J. ReisingP. J. Reising was born in Webster Springs, West Virginia. She attended school in West Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana, and was married in 1956. She has three children, five grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. As early in life as 8 years old she liked to write poems and stories and has always continued to journal. She is a member of the Florida Writers Association.

Ms. Reising has lived in Florida since 1970. She was appointed Guardian to her Aunt in 2001 and served in this capacity until her death 2004. She was a caregiver for thirty-five years to her Mother, until her death in 2008.

God is Reaching Down, Are You Reaching Up?
P. J. ReisingThis book is about searching and receiving answers to life problems. Everyone encounters problems during their lifetime; some so overwhelming you don't know what to do or where to turn. If we pray about the problem, we can get answers.

God is alive and well if we just seek Him out and listen for his answer. He will help us find the right path, lead us to the right direction, provide the open door. It is up to us to walk through. This is the author’s first book. In 2010 she was seriously ill. She says “God saw me through every step of the way. This book was my way to tell the world about the love I felt God had showed me.”

Mary Ann Sciavillo-Lopez

Mary Ann Sciavillo-LopezAfter years of business writing and composing monthly newsletters for her pet business, Mary Ann yearned to write a novel. When her short story, Scents of Heaven, was selected and published in the FWA’s 2009 collection, From Our Family to Yours, Mary Ann aspired to write her first novel.

Mary Ann has contributed to several blogs about pet care, is a member of two Christian writers associations, and attends local writing groups. Mary Ann, along with her husband Felix, and their two dogs, Mac and Black Jack, reside in north central Florida where they own and operate a dog grooming shop. View more at www.authormasciavillolopez.com.

A New Day – A Journey of Faith
Mary Ann Sciavillo-LopezMary Ann’s latest Biblical fiction, A New Day – A Journey of Faith, the second novel in her series, is an inspirational retelling of a New Testament Gospel of a woman healed of her infirmity by touching Jesus’ cloak, her journey of faith, as the story merges with the legend of her miraculous veil, used to wipe the face of Jesus on road to Calvary. Her first novel in the series is Sons Rise – A Journey of Faith.

Frank Stanfield

Frank StanfieldFrank Stanfield is a 30-year veteran editor and reporter for newspapers, including The Orlando Sentinel, where he covered thousands of criminal cases. Dorothy Lewis’ story stands out -- not for its heinousness, though the crime was horrifying -- but for her unshakable strength and devotion. After hundreds of hours poring over court records, conducting dozens of interviews and working closely with the humble, soft-spoken Dorothy, he is able to share with readers the source of her strength, courage and indomitable spirit.

Unbroken: The Dorothy Lewis Story
Frank StanfieldDorothy Lewis sat in the back seat trying to comfort her young daughters while one of the carjackers cursed and shouted for them to be quiet. As she began to pray, one of the attackers sneered: "This ain't Jesus doing this, this is Satan doing this." The two teens lived up to the billing. Dorothy, a young widow, was raped, shot in the head three times, and left for dead, and the children murdered in a crime so senseless the killers couldn't even explain it. Dorothy once told her sister, "If anything happens to the girls you might as well lock me up. "Instead, she embarked on a long, remarkable recovery. She had only one question for God: "Why was I spared?" The answer is the thing that has kept her Unbroken. Today, she offers hope and comfort to anyone facing tragedy, or what seems like a hopeless situation, in the telling of this inspirational story.

C. Kevin Thompson

C. Kevin ThompsonKevin Thompson is an ordained minister, having served churches in New York, Mississippi, Texas, and Iowa. He holds a B.A. in Bible from Houghton College (New York), an M.A. in Christian Studies from Wesley Biblical Seminary (Mississippi), and an M. Ed. in Educational Leadership from National-Louis University (Illinois).

Kevin is married to Cindy, his wonderful wife of over 30 years, and they have three daughters, two sons-in-law, and three grandchildren. He speaks in churches on occasion, presently works as an assistant principal in a local school district, and plays the drums in his church’s praise team. He is a huge fan of the TV series 24 and Criminal Minds, loves anything to do with Star Trek, is a Sherlock Holmes fanatic, and reads lots of books, thrillers mostly.

He is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and Word Weavers International (a part of Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild). His previously published works—all articles—have appeared in such publications as The Wesleyan Advocate, The Preacher, and Vista, as well as in newspapers such as The Des Moines Register (Iowa) and The Ocala Star-Banner (Florida).

The Serpent’s Grasp
C. Kevin ThompsonSomething ominous lurks under the waters… Dr. Evelyn Sims, a brilliant marine biologist, is being watched. Her husband’s mysterious death at sea—with the only survivor of the Greenback telling a shocking, unbelievable tale—has thrown her personal life into chaos. Her scientific views are being scrutinized. Her husband’s office and their home are investigated. Called in by the FBI to help solve the mystery, Evelyn is thrust into her toughest research project ever…and forced into a maze of deception and betrayal.

Micah Gregson, the Coast Guard captain who rescued the Greenback, is determined to find out why a special unit at the FBI—the one assigned to cryptozoological cases—is involved. Together Evelyn and Micah will uncover a plot more deadly than anything the ocean could ever produce. One that will either save Evelyn’s life and redeem her career, or destroy everything she—and myriad others—stand for.

Tony Vincent

Tony VincentTony Vincent is retired and living in Florida, with his beloved wife Wanda and dog Treasure. He grew up in Bellmore, Long Island, N.Y., and worked in many management jobs, real estate, and for the U.S.P.S. Now, he states “I enjoy my life in the Villages, Florida, playing golf, going on my boat, seeing my wonderful family, good friends, and holding and kissing my grandson. My wife, my dog and I were in a terrible head -on collision, with an old pick-up truck. I wrote this story as therapy for myself to keep my mind off my broken bones and the excruciating daily pain that I was in. I always loved reading Treasure Island, So; I made up my own conclusions of what I hoped would transpire. When you matey’s out there read my story, Silver and Hawkins, I hope you truly enjoy it and recommend it to your fellow pirate fans.... and don’t forget, there is a clue in my book as to where I buried a Treasure Chest with $1000 in Coins.”

Silver and Hawkins
Tony VincentSilver and Hawkins (The Pirate Adventure Continues) Will Good conquer Evil? or will the Infamous Prevail? Find Out Matey's...YoHoHo Silver and Hawkins is an extraordinary and unrivaled follow-up to Treasure Island authored by Robert Louis Stevenson. In my opinion he created the most fascinating pirate/adventure story ever written Readers will find my book to be fun, easy reading, with a simple plot, and a surprise ending that will be heartily relished by younger as well as mature adults. Behaviors found in Men of Fortune are overflowing in my story, and "Those who read it will be the lucky ones."

For the die-hard fans the original characters that remained alive from Skeleton Island, are described in my book with the same persona and similar idiosyncrasies, just about a dozen years older. The new fictionalized characters are introduced throughout the story bringing with them humor, romance, excitement, danger, murder, lies and deceit. Behaviors found in Men of Fortune are abounding in this story, “those who read it will be the lucky one!”. View more at: www.silverandhawkins.com.

Michael and Janet Wilson

Michael and Janet WilsonThe same winning combination of heart and suspense that permeated the four episodes Michael and Janet Wilson wrote for Chuck Norris’ CBS TV series, Walker, Texas Ranger, pulses through their debut book, The Battle for the Book of Good Deeds. This galvanizing new novella for ages 8 to 12 will easily resonate with older readers as well. It’s the perfect adventure for grandparents to share with their grandchildren and vice versa. Throughout their married life, Michael and Janet have worked as a team. In 1986 they left their home state of Oklahoma and moved to Central Florida where they operated their own CPA firm in Tavares for many years. They now reside in the nature-themed community of Legacy south of Leesburg.

The Battle for the Book of Good Deeds
Michael and Janet WilsonCan an orphaned boy's steadfast belief in a legend about an ancient book protected by an immortal owl restore hope to a world ravaged by evil? Join Marty, his older sister, Ginny, and their grandparents on this action-packed quest as they follow the clues left by a World War I soldier to find The Book of Good Deeds and you may discover the power of the good that lies within your own heart.

Lois Wilmoth-Bennett

Lois Wilmoth-BennettAfter earning her Ph.D. from Kent State University, Dr. Lois Wilmoth-Bennett practiced psychology in Akron, Ohio and eventually merged with Counseling Consultants, where she functioned as senior psychologist and supervisor of interns in a diverse range of nursing homes in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. Her work in the nursing home setting consisted primarily of consultation with doctors, nursing staff and residents, many of whom were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Bennett moved to Central Florida in 1996 to care for her mother as she became more incapacitated with Alzheimer’s disease. Her years in Florida have led to a later-life career in editing and publishing novels with her business partner, Joan West, at Fireside Publications. She is the author of: Beyond Forever under the pseudonym Taylor Shaye. Deadly Visions, and her latest non-fiction book, Death Tales: From the Land of the Living & The Shadows of the Dying are both available only as ebooks on Amazon Kindle. Dr. Bennett is best known for her non-fiction book, Essays: On Living with Alzheimer’s Disease: The First Twelve Months, released in 2010 just one year after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Essays: On Living With Alzheimer's Decease: The First Twelve Months
Lois Wilmoth-BennettHas Alzheimer's disease touched your life yet? If not, it will be near impossible to escape its affect on family, friends or even yourself, as it reaches epidemic proportions in the near future. Every 70 seconds, someone develops AD. By mid- century, scientists predict the incidence of Alzheimer's disease will increase to one new case every 33 seconds. The clock is ticking unless we find a cure.

The book shares an overview of scientific and historical data, along with personal experiences of the author, a psychologist, in becoming a caregiver and ultimately a patient. Become privy to the intimate feelings of the author as she watches loved ones suffer then has the dreaded diagnosis applied to her own life in a rather bizarre way. Share her feelings as she makes the decision to not become a victim – to do what she can to slow the process then to get on with her life. Find out what comes next after the diagnosis; read about steps the author has taken to adjust and perhaps extend her mental functioning a bit longer. The journey can be a long, lonely one.

The last chapter, “Dementia In Verse”, is a selection of poems written by a new poet, Colette Sasina, all written with themes related to Alzheimer's disease.