Lakeline Kids Story Corner Story

A Teddy Bear's Wish
By Eleanor Keiper

Of all the presents she received at her 5th birthday party that sunny June morning. A teddy bear she named George was Kathy’s favorite. At 14” from the top of his head to the bottom of his paws, he was small enough to go anywhere she went safely tucked under her arm; but he was still big enough to give bear hugs.

He was chocolate brown suede with light tan paws and face. His black button wyes and teddy bear smile were always happy. Yes, George was indeed a loveable, handsome buddy to have around. Best of all, he never complained and never yelled at her when she forgot to put away her other toys or to put her dirty play clothes in the hamper. They had great times together all summer long, but when the fall came, she left him behind while she went off to school. George wondered what school was like. He wondered and wondered. He wished he could go to school too.

Then one night, after everyone was asleep, George made a daring move. He climbed into Kathy’s backpack. He snuggled between the biggest books and hoped he wouldn’t be seen. The next morning, Kathy was running late, like always. She grabbed her backpack, quickly zipped it closed and dashed to meet the school bus.

Well, he was on his way to school! George was so excited he could hardly wait for Kathy to open her back pack. Even if she saw him now, he was sure to get a big, surprised hug. As Kathy unzipped the backpack, out popped George. Surprised and puzzled, she wondered how George got into the backpack. She wondered and wondered. But she was happy to see him. She had forgotten to bring something for Show and Tell. George was just in time to star in the fun.

Kathy told her classmates how she rode her bike with George in a basket on the handle bars, zipping along in the summer breezes and sunshine. She told them about the day George was sitting on the front porch steps and a rabbit came alone and gave him a great big bunny hug.

Well, his wish had come true, George want to school on all the Show and Tell days. Kathy would tell the class another adventure they had and everyone would laugh. George stories were a big hit. Of course, George always had lots of Big Bear hugs for everyone.