Lakeline Kids Story Corner Story

The Lost Dog
By Lauren Petreikis & Pamela Kirchner


The Lost Dog
by Lauren Petreikis & Pamela Kirchner
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The dog was at his house. The little girl went on vaction.The dog's name was George. George ran away to find his owner Julie. When Julie came home, George was gone.

Julie looked for George in the alley behind her house. George was not there. Julie asked her friends if they saw him.Her friend thought she saw George in his doghouse but he ran off. George went to a comfy home down the alley.

Julie checked for George the next day, but she wasn't at home. So George ran off to find Julie.

Julie's friends found George. They called Julie and told her that they found her dog. They told Julie to come over right now and you can get him. Julie went to her friend's house and found George. She was very happy.

Julie and George went home together.

The End.