Lakeline Kids Story Corner Story

Memoirs of a Middle Schooler’s First Anxiety Attack
By Ed W. Puhr

My name is Ryan Mole and I’m nine years old. Firstly, I love my sister very much but her birth caused many hardships when she first arrived. Secondly, I love Momma and Papa Mole’s home very much and the thought of leaving their home often causes concern. Well…it is exactly here when my first anxiety attack occurred. The time was when Momma Mole knew my baby sister mole was going to be born.

Momma Mole failed to say clearly what was going happen when the new baby mole arrived so I assumed just staying at home was my thing to do. I was the king baby in the household for four years making me a big boy! And big boys do their own thing…at least I thought.

The anxiety began when Momma Mole started to say things like, “Ryan, you’re going for a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa Mole’s home.” What’s a sleepover?

Momma Mole added, “Grandma and Grandpa Mole will have a big brother birthday then”

I quickly got it. Momma and Papa Mole had a problem. The problem was me. Me! The problem was finding a babysitter for Ryan Mole when the baby mole sister is born…to put it exactly!

What’s the big deal? I told Papa Mole that I could stay home when the baby sister mole arrived and help out. I would clean the house. I would make the bed. I would even change the baby sister’s stinky diapers.

Papa didn’t like my ideas. Papa Moles strongly states, “You’re going for a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa Mole’s house.” I love my Papa very much and try to be like him in all ways. I watch Papa drive the family car. I watch Papa leave for work in the morning. I watch Papa and Momma make a budget from the money he earns from working. I don’t have a car. I don’t have a job. And I have no money! My choices were not many in those days.

Yeah, I know in the past I tried to keep Momma Mole all to myself. I have screamed and yelled when Momma went to the store without me. I have cried when Momma got a new hairdo or went to the gym…but heck I was a baby mole then. My Momma Mole is the most precious thing in the world. What baby mole wouldn’t get upset when one’s momma mole leaves?

When Momma Mole returns she always whispers sweet little like, “You’re such a good big boy!” or, “You’re my special one!” It gets old when the same thing is spoken, especially when the new baby girl mole is coming. So I told myself to stiffen up, be brave, and attempt to go along with the sleepover.

The day finally arrived and I could hardly believe all the trouble my Momma Mole did for the sleepover trip. Firstly, Momma Mole insisted on what cap I should wear for the vacation trip. Vacation trip! Now Momma Mole is changing things. I was now becoming worried. A sleepover means a one night stay at Grandparent’s Mole house but a vacation means something else.

I said to myself, “C’mon let’s get with the sleepover for a one night trial!” Again, unlike Papa Mole, I have no job, car, and no money. What does a young manly mole do” My choices are real slim. “Go along with the sleepover! You betcha!”

Momma Mole gathered all my things. She packed them into the car. She placed the silly golf cap on my head. She threw my little mole body into the car seat and off she went speeding down the highway. It appeared that she couldn’t wait to get rid of me. Of course, I went along with the sleepover.

Finally arriving I see Grandpa Mole patiently waiting in his car. Grandpa had nothing but greets of joyful shouts and hugs for me. At last, someone understood the problem I was having…I think now Grandpa can have my trust. He buckled me in the car seat. We said goodbye to Momma Mole and off he drove. Grandpa Mole gave me an
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ice cream bar and it sure was good. Over the road and through the woods, we drove to my Grandparent’s house. The sleepover was beginning!
There was Grandma Mole waiting for us with a special dinner like pizza, an old-fashioned styled noodle dish, a salad, and super desserts. Yummy! After dinner I played outside in the sandbox and on the slide. I ran around and then took a dip in the wading pool. After a quick bath, with pajamas on, we sat down to watch one of the best movies,
Milo and Otis.

Staying up later I became very sleepy. Just before bedtime we said our prayers. Grandpa Mole and I went to bed and he told all kinds of stories. In fact, I became so sleepy I fell asleep during his storytelling. I want to do it again! I can hardly wait till Momma Mole goes to have the molely sister. I’m ready for a real vacation with my grandparents without a holler. Yeah!