Lakeline Kids Story Corner Story

Magics of the Elf
By Katie Smith

Continuation of "The Elf of Avalon"

       I am Laina. My song was one of sorrow. It had been almost a year since my father's murder. Even so, I still felt like there was a hole growing inside of me. I also felt a welling anger filling that hole. It had been two years since I discovered my magical powers, and they were still growing.

       On that horrible day of my father's death I could feel his cry of agony. On the same day I also made a vow of revenge against the one who destroyed him in cold blood. I thought up plans of destroying that evil being - slow painful deaths - or just as she killed my father. Even so there was still a hole inside me. Anger did its best but couldn't fill it.
       But my magic powers were filling that hole. They were growing constantly. To take my mind off my woe, I worked with Merlin daily learning new techniques on how to keep my magic from overcoming me. It was so strong that I had found comfort in having it.
       Although I had my magic I still felt remorse that I couldn't save my father. At times I would climb to the topmost turret of the castle and almost lose myself on the wind. Or other nights I would fall into a fitful sleep and dream about that day on the battlefield. Then one day I fainted while studying magic with Merlin.
       I was alone on the battlefield. No, I wasn't alone. I could feel a presence—hers. Suddenly she appeared in front of me.
       "Murderess!" I hissed.
       "Oh, what a kind greeting," she responded sardonically.
       "Quit with the ruthlessness act, I can see the fear in your eyes. You know of my power and have obviously been watching me." I stated.
       “Fear?! Pray tell me, would why I fear a half-elf like you? It is clear that you are no match for me.”
       “How would you like to find out?” I challenged.
       “I think not,” she receded.
       “Now why would the 'great' sorceress Morgana back down from a fight?” I questioned her.
       “Because you are not ready. Talk to Merlin, although the two of you together are still nothing compared to my powers.”
       “Getting a little ambitious, don't you think?”
       “And you are one to talk?” she retorted.
       With that she was gone, leaving me with the magnified memory of my father's pain as he died.

* * * * *

       At that instant I awoke to find Merlin standing over me. He asked me what had happened. I guess he can sense evil at work.
I gave him a full account of the encounter. When I was finished he looked worried.
       “This is to scare you. She knows of your power and acted out of fear.” he reassured me.
       He then taught me several spells of protection. Merlin told me that during my faint, he had seen a vision of the future. He saw Morgana and I fighting, but he could not predict the outcome. He started to teach me how to exploit her weaknesses, for example, by using water or earth when she used fire.
       Merlin knew I would have to do this alone, but he tried to prepare me as well as possible. He knew also that he and I had a power that Morgana knew nothing about - Love. We loved our families, and I was going to fight her out of love for my father. Love is a very powerful asset.
       The next day Merlin and I rode off. We had heard of an attack on a village on the outskirts of a minor province named Newhavenfort. We suspected that Morgana was behind it.
       When we arrived, I was immediately besieged by the pain of deaths lingering behind. Then I found that I could communicate with the loitering spirits.
       “Tell me of your deaths - who killed you?” I questioned, using a sort of telepathy with my mind's voice.
       “Morgana's men,” the spirits sighed.
       “Where did they go? Please, tell me so I can avenge you and my father,” I said.
       “To the North, the utter North, to Morgana's castle of darkness,” they answered.
       “To the North, Merlin. That is where our destiny, and Morgana's downfall, awaits.”

* * * * *

       For the next five days, we rode steadily to the North. With every passing mile I felt a pressing anxiety. I knew that I might not survive. I also knew that I would not retreat without a fight.
       On the last day we saw mountains. At the highest peak was a forlorn fortress that was made even darker by the fact that storm clouds were gathering in the distance.
       We camped at the foot of the mountains, and Merlin conjured several spells of protection. The next day we continued toward the castle. After a few days of climbing, we had reached the front gate of the stronghold.
       “Here I must leave you, but you will proceed with my blessing. Good luck.” Merlin said in farewell.
       With a magical wind I blew open the gates and cried, “Morgana, I challenge you in revenge for the death of my father!”
       “I've been waiting for you. This will be a one on one battle. You will not survive,” she replied menacingly, her voice echoed through the courtyard.
       “We shall see about that,” I retorted.
       Suddenly Morgana appeared in the courtyard. “This courtyard will be changed to a graveyard - yours,” she said.
       “You may be sorry you said that,” I replied.

       She started with a volley of fireballs. I countered by transforming myself into a waterspout. I then tossed several water balls towards her. She blocked them with an invisible wall.
       Then I suddenly discovered a new elemental power within myself - lightning. I tested it by sending a volley of lightning bolts that were obviously unexpected. Several made contact. Morgana staggered, and I took her weakness as an opportunity to attack.
       I hit her with a volley of water and then fire. I took out Excalibur and strode over to her.
       She begged me for mercy. “Please, I can give you anything you want,” Morgana pleaded.
       “I want my father back,” I replied.
       “I cannot raise the dead, but anything else I can give you.” I could see the terror in her eyes.
       “You will never terrorize anyone again. You will never leave this castle again.
       “Beware Laina. We may meet again,” Morgana yelled as I exited the courtyard.
       “I hope you're ready,” I replied.
       As I neared the foot of the mountains, the clouds had cleared, and the sun was setting in such a blaze of glory that I felt hope for the first time in a year. I knew that Morgana's threat to humanity was over.