Lakeline Kids Story Corner Story

Who Seek the Pot of Gold
By Michaela Guerrero

Who Seek the Pot of Gold

Twinkling lights

Set the sky ablaze

The fire's heat melts away the haze

That drifted o'er the pastures green

Which kept them from seeing the unseen

The wind laughs

Knowing, true - but cold!

A world of pain has been foretold

To those who seek the pot of gold

Their soul's been sold by rainbow's end

For they forgot the way of God

To walk in peace and love and truth

And chose to walk upon a path

That left behind all that was good

Are riches what we seek this day?

Will they give hope, love, and peace?

A golden coin has now replaced

The Lord and God and King of Kings?

Hearken not unto the call

Resist the sin in Jesus' name

Rather, love the Lord of all

And peace and joy will come with Grace.