Lakeline Kids Story Corner Story

Observations: Vessels as a Whole
By Katie Hacic

Observations: Vessels as a Whole

I am a death.
A murmured “Sorry for your loss”
a multitude of your contradicting well mannered lies
and tight-lipped encouragement

The spirit of life may be forever intertwined around
crooked fingers of forks
Stuck together moving as joints connected with
gum scraped off concrete

 Humanity may be a weak handshake
a gradual descent into sand
Humanity, may be but a gust of wind upon which is
held and caressed, a cry.
The spokes of a world suspended
  turn around in an open blender of vomit and flowers
A way to walk and decline, wide,
 shot through with the sweet sting of
alcohol and rot
and slowly
Conceiving into existence, a cure, the spine
that shall break under the weight of fear and force,
the woman man shall rape, the man beaten by a hypocrite bearing lessons of
inability to feel, skin stretched sunburned radiated and eaten
by an atmosphere as suffocated as that
that woman
that man

 Humanity will be a cycle of delusion and
desperation and pained tear stained smiles asking or
offering help,
  turning over and over and over and over itself and adapted environment again,
so hyped on what we ourselves are telling us to be
Glamorizing starvation, romanticizing
vulnerability and depression
a generation of girls convinced they could save
Kurt Cobain or Jeffery Dahmer,
a generation of boys trying to blur a “no” into a “please”
 A humanity sifting through the galaxy searching
for reason in vice when the reason is as simple as finding yourself
finding who you know you need,
going to them with yourself collected
and holding their memories as their brain rots

Life is a collection of vessels you may be
thrown from and retrieved by
a chain of dreams clouded
a sequence of memories, remembering
things that haven’t happened yet
remembering who you will be
remembering your death and the
death of the stars
remembering the greatest collapse
remembering your final cry and embrace
   as your vessel sinks
and the next life