Teen Lib Photo Gallery

PAWS Therapy Dogs for Banned Books Week
Every Hero Has a Story @ CML
Summer Reading 2015 a the Cooper Memorial Library
End of Summer reading Party
go zone
Power of Possibilities
This week is about the dreamers that made it happen. From our story of Ordinary Audrey by Peter Harris to our people in the Wheel of Fortune Game, they made it happen. Can you guess the first person of the game?
Southeastern Guide Dogs At Paisley Library
4th of July Tye Dye at Paisley
Animal Craft Day at Paisley Library
the Power of Independence
Making Book Bags at the Paisley Library
CPR Knowledge at the Paisley Library
Not all heroes are in the movies. Some heroes just call 911. These kids learned how important 911 is and how tireing CPR can actually be. Thank you to our local station 13 for helping us out.
Making Shields at the Paisley Library
Painting Class at the Paisley Library
The Power of Mythology at the Paisley Library
Jiggleman at the Paisley Library
Paisley Library Superhero Training Camp
Poet M.B. McLatchey
Poetry Under the Oaks
Author Lou Berney
The Long and Faraway Gone is introduced in Lake County
Writing Workshops
Serving fans and upcoming writers with the best information.
Authors Reception
Honoring the BookFest featured authors in Mount Dora.
Spotlight on New Works
BookFest featured great new works of fantasy and science fiction.
BookFest Epic Opening
Beautiful event in the Tavares Pavilion on the Lake
2015 Bookmark Design Contest Winners
Author Chris Tozier at the Astor Library
Author Chris Tozier presented a great program at the Astor County Library during this year's Lake BookFest.
Dreams and Nightmares
2015 BookFest Library Displays
2014 Trash to Fashion Show Contest
On October 18, 2014 Lake County Library System held a very special fashion show.
ELC Funky Teen Machine
2014 Summer Reading Program for Teens
Mad Science Party in Paisley
Our last program of the summer we drew for the grand prizes. After that, the staff got pie in the face by the kids.
Mindcraft Maniacs in Paisley
Who knew legos were so involved. This State winning group sets up missions that their robot has to complete.
Make it, Take it...Periscopes in Paisley
Robot & the Bird Program at Paisley
This story was made from David Lucas's Robot and the Bluebird. It's about a rusted old robot that helps a stranded visitor go home.
CSI: Solve a Library Mystery in Paisley
First we introduced fingerprint types, bite marks and shoe prints. Then the kids got to figure out...Who made the mess in the library?
Make it, Take it...Tye Dye! at Paisley
Making Floam in Paisley
Make it, Take it..Potato Launchers in Paisley
Bubbleology 101 at Paisley
Today was an excuse to get out the bubbles and paint and go crazy. From bubble art to human in the bubble..we made a mess!!
Circus Training Day in Paisley
Illusion Profusion at Paisley
Magic or optical illusion? Are they the same. We play with tricks of the mind this week.
Summer at Cooper Memorial Library 2014
Cooper Memorial Library had a great summer this year!
Zoo Mom at Paisley
Grossology Week in Paisley
Making Nuclear Slime in Paisley
Mad Science @ the Paisley Library 2014
Weird Science Paisley Library Program 2014
Paisley Library kicks off this years summer reading program with Science Verse by Jon Scieszka
Christopher Tozier Visits Umatilla Public Library
Author Christopher Tozier shared his experiences and ideas with our local teens.
MBML Homeschooler's Science Day January 27th 2014
MBML held a Science day for the homeschool students in Howey.
Afterschool Fun
Just for something different, the kids decided to do a challenge.
Viva 500 Skit "Ponce de Leon Discovers Florida"
The Cooper Memorial Library Tab Players put on a play by Ann Reaves from her book "Play a Part in Florida."
Bows and Rings
We made bows out of polymer clay and turned them into rings.
Locker Magnets
Decorations for lockers
Paisley September Display
The front of this display are posters of movies that have come out recently or in the near future.
Study Hall
Our teen support group is filled with constructive activities.
Teen DIY
Do It Yourself Crafts
Our Vital Earth @ Paisley
Tops & Bottoms@ Paisley
A cute story by Janet Stevens.
Paisley Crafty Critters
Pirate Party
at the Paisley Library
Florida Fossil Hunters
At the Paisley Library
Fun at the Paisley Library
Swamp Girl
At the Paisley Library
Elizabite Adventures of a Carnivorous Plant
Fun activities at the Paisley Library
Paisley Library Gets ready for Summer Reading Program
Beneath the Surface
Teens are going to have the best summer ever when they go beneath the surface at the library.
Umatilla Library BookFest Christopher Tozier
Author Christopher Tozier captivated our young audience with tales from his books and his life.
Battle of the Bands 2013
South Lake's own high school bands competed.
Quilting in the Library