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Hear that Tune is written and created by lyricist, actress and event manager, Mandi Paige, out of Lake County, Florida. She is a columnist whose experience has come from the years of writing and posting for magazines and news Zines including Skipping Stone, Positive Teens, Teen Voices, and Today's Teen News and on staff for the relaunch of Today's Teen Online. Mandi has been writing lyrics since she was 15 and involved in theatre and live arts since she was 11. She has written and volunteered for the libraries since the age of 16. In college, her focuse was Fashion, Business and Event Management as well as drama.


March 26, 2015

We have some much deserved extra exposure to show to the talented Brittany Hill, vocalist for the new project ‘Kerchief’! Created when she departed from the band Vanity Theft for a fresh, fist-pumping sound with an alternative/rock 90’s influence. The first single ‘Milk & Honey’ will be conquering the airwaves starting March 24th off of the full length album ‘ Machine and Animals’ coming later this spring.

This past weekend I spoke to Kerchief (Brittany) about her new solo project, indie sound and what we can look forward to with this new record! Kerchief cover ill

What was it that first really influenced you to chase your musical dream?

When I started learning to play the guitar at 16, I always pictured myself playing in front of people and making them feel the way I did when I listened to my favorite bands. Somewhere between that and seeing Brand New (my favorite band) live for the first time in high school, I knew I could never look back.

What would you say is different with a solo project than a band?

There are two sides to the coin here. On the one hand there is no one to share the pressure with when things start to feel heavy, or to make the hard decisions with; like I did when I was in a band with my best friends,Vanity Theft. On the other hand, I get the privilege of calling all the shots and working at whatever pace I like. I’m the only one who can slow me down and that’s not happening anytime soon.

How would you say your sound has changed for this new record?

I’ve definitely matured naturally as both a guitarist and singer. I’ve also had more life experience which made me a better songwriter. I think this album will show that growth and maturity in comparison to what i’ve done up to this point.

Where do you find the most inspiration for your lyrics in this new project?

My girlfriend, being broke, working shitty jobs, anxiety, hope, Jack London, determination and desperately wanting to catapult into that future that I know is waiting for me. Too much? (haha)

How would you describe your sound to our readers?

Indie Alternative rock with pop sensibility

If you could collaborate with one chart topper right now who would it be?

I have to pick just one? Hmm…Calvin Harris. If that’s not obvious enough, Drake. Preferably both.

Is there anything you would really like to tell our readers?

Please keep giving new music a chance. Pick up my single “Milk & Honey,” and keep an eye out for my debut LP “Machines and Animals.” Last but not least; go to a show. Not just mine… but go to more shows in general. Life is so much better with live music.

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November 3, 2014
Nick and Knight hit Orlando!

This act is made up of the nostalgic boy band duo ‘ Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys‘ and ‘ Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block‘.  They have collaborated on a tour that can only be defined as the most fun you could have with pop music in one night.

The Plaza Live ( one of my favorite Orlando venues) gave us the opportunity to cover last night's concert of the Nick and Knight show. Walking in I wasn’t sure what to expect from this show to be honest, but from their opening performances with such high energy, precision dancing and contagious pop hits including their new single ‘WOO-HOO‘ I was certain this concert had set the scene for a great night.


The guys gave a pretty strong set showcasing their album with powerhouse vocals. They turned down the volume for a few tracks and performed acoustically including doing the Backstreet Boys hit ‘I want It that Way‘.


Half way through the concert Nick and Jordan mixed up the environment turning the Plaza into a house party by doing a mix of hits from the 90’s including Will Smith‘Getting Jiggy with it‘ and Sisqos ‘thong song‘.


Closing the evening it really would not have been complete for all of us if the guy’s didn’t do this, with a salute to NKOTB 'Hangin’ Tough' and of course Backstreet Boys ‘Larger Than Life, the fans nearly blew the roof off the joint for these two. These guys are veteran performers who truly love their fans.  Nick and Jordan as well as their fabulous band somehow mixed two generations of music and a brand new album. Well done!



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August 20, 2014

SomeKindaWonderful is driving their way towards the top of the Alternative Charts while earning massive national radio play, and with the amount of talent and musical ambition that can be heard over the songs it won’t be long until all of you are singing along. ( I had no intention of rhyming that…)

Now, I love the story behind the bands song “Reverse”, that was merely a song recorded by chance, in less than three hours after ‘SomeKindaWonderful’ (Jordy-vocals, Ben-drums, Sarah-backup vocals-percussion, Justin-bass, Matt-guitar, ukuele) unexpectedly met in Cleveland, OH.

With an upcoming fall tour with New Politics and Bad Suns hitting Orlando October 17th we had to know more about SomeKindaWonderful, So I caught up with the band member Matt ( guitar, ukuele, etc:) here’s what he had to say:

When did all of you decide to come together for this?
Ben and I (Matt) were having some beers in a little bar near Ben’s house and I was playing a little guitar in the back… just messing around with this new riff I had been playing. Jordy came up and just started humming a melody along with it.  Turns out Jordy was in Cleveland on a soul searching mission to basically get away from the heartbreak and frustration and terrible deals he was having in the LA music scene. We went back to Ben’s studio which was right down the street and wrote and recorded our first single “Reverse.” At that point the three of us just figured we were starting a band and we just kept working on new songs lol.

Where does the name ‘SomeKindaWonderful’ derive from’?
Jordy dreamt the word “wonderful” around the time we started writing songs together, which we all liked. Then we started throwing around the phrase SomeKindaWonderful (like the song and movie title). We would search the hashtag “#somekindawonderful” and it was alot of really special beautiful moments in peoples lives… a couple standing together, a sunset, etc… I guess we felt that our band and the music we were making gave us that same feeling.

In one word how would your describe your sound?
Our music combines what we all love, collectively and individually, about music and art in general… I really think it would be impossible to describe our band as having just one sound…

Do you have any crazy/dramatic show experiences yet?
Every time we play a song and the audience sings along it feels amazing… also, Summerfest in Milwaukee was incredible… we were playing to a pretty big crowd outdoors right while the sun was going down and it was really dramatic and beautiful.

How do you feel being a part of the New Politics fall tour?
We’re all really excited to get out there and spread our music and our message to the whole country.

How long did you work on this new album before it was released?
We worked on it in probably 4 different phases. Since Jordy lives in LA and Ben and I live in Cleveland, Jordy would fly out here and work on songs for 10-20 days at a time usually.

Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Make sure to follow us on twitter and instagram @somekindawonder and be on the lookout for the official “Reverse” music video which will be out very very soon.

FB: http//:www.facebook.com/somekindawonderful


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June 20, 2014

O-Town is the boy band formed from the first season of the MTV-produced reality television series 'Making the Band' in 2000. Originating out of Orlando, Fl
( hence the name of course) the guys achieved Platinum success with their debut album but broke up in 2004, Now nearly a decade later the remaining members of the group, Trevor Penick, Jacob Underwood, Erik-Michael Estrada & Dan Miller are back with a brand spankin' new single and a new record due out in August.

So I caught up with the guys and here is what they had to say to all of you about everything they have been up to:

Why was now the perfect time to release new music?

Erik - Now was the perfect time because the timing was right for each of us individually. The minds, the voices, the cumulative approach has all clearly matured for the better. Truth be spoken, we're not getting any younger, but we feel we have a lot left in the tank. Especially when it comes to our stage show.

As a band you were developed by the reality show 'Making the Band' do you have any reality shows you can't help but watch?

Erik - I'm a sucker for cooking shows of all the various types. Especially when I visit me mum back in Florida. We "ham" over those shows. Fun O fact: Over the course of the band's hiatus I did production and AD work for food shows on Food Network, Fox, and Bravo.

Are there any surprises on this upcoming record, guest appearances?

Trevor - We don't have any surprises... Working in a band like ours every song is a collaboration because we are 4 very different artists. I think the surprise will be the growth that you hear from the record and a lot of songs that may surprise the listener..

How would you say your sound has changed or progressed since the last record?

Trevor - Our sound has mostly changed because we've been away from each other and we all grew musically as individuals. We all honed in on who we are as artists so the growth of each of us is great to hear when we bring it all back together...

Now, as a band is there something that you just can't agree on, you just have to walk away and say 'oh heck with it'?

Jacob - Actually, we've never agreed as much as we do now. This process has been incredibly easy and rewarding because we are so much more mature. Our outlook on life is a healthy one and we enjoy every day. Making music together is a choice we make because we enjoy it so much.

What can we expect from this new album?

Jacob - This is the first album I actually show of to my friends. I'm not knocking the past music as much as I think the for the first time O-Town music reflects our personal tastes. This album is truly a product from us. One we put on in our cars and show off to our friends.

On this tour is there a place you're most looking forward to revisiting?

Our first 2 tours back are special because we visit 2 places that we feel were our beginning. Orlando, and Germany.

Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Jacob - We thank everyone who has supported us in the past and who are giving us this opportunity now. It's a blessing to us and we are enjoying every second of it.

Thank you guys. Look forward to seeing the show in Orlando!
And you can catch O-Town live on tour this fall www.ticketmaster.com


SkyDive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12aX6fKuDfs






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May 30, 2014
Mary Lambert

I had the opportunity to speak with the beautiful and courageous singer-songwriter Mary Lambert this week. Not only is she one of the most talented up and coming acts in the market but also has her word and amazing heart that will be getting her miles further in the industry. Check out what she had to tell all of ‘you’ about her fall record and unbelievable Grammy performance!

Hey Mary How are you?

Mary… “I’m really good, I’m going through kinda some things through twitter yesterday, so I have like a ‘twitter hangover’!”

Okay I understand.

Mary… “And Like an online Shopping hangover!”

Oh I’ve been there…yeah online dress shops my enemy, never mind! Okay to the Interview?

Mary… "ha, Yes!"

Ok, This is something that not only our readers would love to know but myself included. During that amazing Grammy performance with Madonna, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Queen Latifah, what were your first thoughts walking onto that stage?

Mary…"Yeah well like it’s different the first time you meet everybody and then you start working because like that happened like four days before and that moment started days before the performance and then for the performance you have to be in some way completely confident, when I first met them, these are Queen Latifah and Madonna! I was like shaking in my boots, I was Oh my God I can’t believe I am meeting both of these incredible you know female icons that I really look up to and have done a ton for femininity umm and I can’t believe I’m here and were talking and were friends ya know and then to go from that to being on stage is just another level its just a performance so part of it is being professional and owning it and you have too! And you have to pretend your supposed to be up there ya know."

That was such a gorgeous performance!

Mary… "aww Thank You."

I love the work and organic quality you have on the EP your PR sent Welcome to the Age of my Body is this a preview of the fall record we can expect?

Mary… "Thank You! We were originally going to make the EP sort of a snipet of the full length but as we were looking at the full length we were like ‘ this is an entirely different record’! And I was the one that sorta pushed for us to just make a whole new record, lets make a whole new record statement. And you know I had wrote ‘body Love’ when I was 19 and that was a statement that I had at that time in my life and ‘She Keeps me Warm’ was an extension of that light I think I’m ready to say other things and I’m ready to umm make another record."

Now, I over heard from someplace that you performed at a big White House a few days ago, is this true?

Mary…"Yeah, Yeah that was true it was more like the West Wing, but yeah it was broadcasts as the White House ( Harvey Milk) first gay icon on the stand which I think is a really big deal for our society and community it was an incredible experience for sure! I was like sitting next to Nancy Pelosi and Tammy Baldwin and my new friend is the Post Master the United States Post Master he is like my best friend now!"

I must admit I love your spoken word and how you place your lyrics so honestly, do you have a track off the up and coming album you’re most proud of?

Mary ..."God, it’s hard right now we’re sorta in the process of narrowing things down to make it manageable track listings. I think we wrote too many good things, we wrote too many good things that its like 'Oh my God we can’t get rid of this song!' and its departure. I don’t think people are going to expect this record from me, umm its a pop record but soft pop record, I really say things that are important to me, I don’t feel there’s a moment where I’m like ‘am I sacrificing my point of view or my integrity as a writer’? I haven’t felt that for a minute and its just like there’s so many things I wanted to say that I got to say in it so I can’t right now, I Love All the tracks so Much!"

Personally, I feel you should love all of your tracks and as a writer myself at least feel that connection with each.

Mary… "I mean its like having kids “yeah I do like the oldest better!” right now were in the process of releasing a single so all our time is going into a newborn ha!"

Oh okay, the attention is on the newborn. Got It!  And you are supporting the Gaving Degraw / Matt Nathanson tour this summer how do you enjoy touring with the guy’s?

Mary…"Well, I’ve only met Matt, we’re going to jump on that tour June 15th. Haven’t met Gavin but heard really good things, and Matt and I did a show together probably about a month ago and we were backstage as soon as we finished the set and hugged it out and just like talked about our feelings and I was ‘ah this guy is my new best friend!’ I think it’s going to be a really really fun tour! I’m really excited to take my whole band with me, gonna be in the element."

Alright Mary Is there anything you would like to tell our readers!

Mary… "I love Orlando…Yeah It’s important to have a message, I’m so grateful for the platform I’ve been given, to your reader’s too, I’m honoring this platform, I’m honoring my gift. I guess I’m just thankful and excited to do more for sure!"

Thank you so much!

Follow Mary Lambert @marylambertsing


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May 1, 2014
Orlando Rocks

A night of alternative rock and good times as Orlando Rocks brings some of Central Florida’s best acts together inside House of Blues at Downtown Disney.

A Brilliant Lie are must- see Orlando musical veterans, they have perfected their style since 2010 as their sound just keeps evolving. With a unique alternative rock twist similar to that of Paramore. You can also see ABL perform during this year’s Florida Music Festival on April, 26th @ 7:30 inside of BackBooth.

Megaphone will take the stage once again after nearly a year absence during Orlando Rocks. With influences from greats such as Foo Fighters and Butch Walker or better said by front man Matt Bloodwell “If the Foo Fighters beat up Butch Walker while listening to your favorite band, that’s what we sound like!”

The night with also include performances from Orlando acts; AfterGlow Radio who describes their sound as Intense fusion of modern rock, reggae, latin and classic rock. And Plastic Planets a rock side project from Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas (MUTEMATH), Jeffrey Alan Wright (Blue Man Group), & Eric Van Lugo (Social Ghost).

Doors open at 7:00 p.m. shows starts at 8:00 p.m.


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March 18, 2014
March Artist of the Month: Casey Conroy

Casey Conroy is still a small young thing but her voice tells us a different story. Full of rich undertones as if her voice as traveled far and wide and comprehends a style much broader than her years . This amazing singer-songwriter is but 15 years old and has already taken roots in the music scene with her pop and slightly hybrid jazz inspired melodies and vocals as a classic songtress.

“My best music making memories are the ones late at night sitting at the piano when I choose music over sleep…”

Shall I say anymore? Enjoy our Q&A as we spoke to this diverse talent ready to take the music world by storm!

What would be your dream accomplishment in music?

"My dream accomplishment would be to be an internationally known musician, playing to crowds of thousands of people who know lyrics I wrote in my bedroom. A Grammy would be amazing as well."

Who would you love to collaborate with?

"I would love to collaborate with Coldplay. I also think the Killers or Lorde would be cool!"

What advice would you give to other artist trying to get momentum in the industry?

"I would say just to play at everything and anything. That was the hardest part for me because I had terrible stage fright, but once I did I was so thankful for the people who pushed me. Also, just love your own music because if people see how much you love it they’ll catch on."

What have you done in the past year that you would say has definitely helped your project grow?

"I got to headline my own show at the Venue in December. The show allowed me to establish a strong hour and half show as well create some attraction and get more performance opportunities."

Besides social media, and flyers do you practice any unique methods of promoting upcoming shows?

"Before big shows, I’m usually playing at local coffee houses so I like to promote shows there."

Would you mind telling us what your #1 song on your playlist is right now?

"I don’t know if I could narrow it down to just one but if I had to choose a few I’d say Riptide by Vance Joy and Walking On a Dream by Empire of the Sun. That’s for this week anyways."

What genre would you really describe yourself as?

"Probably pop but with hints of electronica and rock."

Would you say music is a hobby or a life career for yourself?

"Definitely a life career! I can’t see myself doing anything else."

Is there anything you would like to tell our reader’s about upcoming events or new tracks?

"I have a show coming up March 7th at Firestone and April 25th at Firestone again for the Florida Music Festival. Hope you can make it!"


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January 10, 2014
Ryan Cabrera

Just in case you need a reminder, Ryan Cabrera first hit the scene with ‘On The Way Down' in 2004 followed with a series of pop hits including ‘True’, ’40 Kinds of Sadness’ and ‘Shine On’. We chatted with Ryan before his acoustic performance oddly enough the backdrop was the Hello Kitty stores party room but regardless of the overwhelming pink and white decor Ryan was an absolute blast to speak with!

How are you enjoying the Orlando area?

“Oh I love Orlando, this is one of my favorite places to be.”

How would you say your style or approach to music has changed or progressed over the past decade?

“Well, I would hope to think I’ve gotten better as a song writer. For me it’s about getting better as a song writer and writing and writing . I probably wrote over 150 songs for this new album and it’s been over the past 6 years writing and recording and going back and throwing everything out. I wrote, wrote and wrote and then a year ago I wrote the song ‘I See Love’ on the album, when I wrote that song I threw everything out and just went from there. It’s kinda singer songwriter but its all really fun and it’s pretty positive for this record not too much heartbreak.”


What inspires you the most or would really be the backbone of your music?

“For this record it’s really all about love and trying to make the best of things and uh trying to look around and instead of looking at things negatively trying to find the good side and go from there. I mean even the break ups are light and good.”

How would you describe your music in two words?

“uh… hmmm describe my music in two words… I would say fun… Sexy Fun!”

Now. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to ask this or not.

“You can ask whatever you want.”

Ok, what is the craziest or oddest thing that has happened to you while performing?

“At any time?”

Yeah anytime!

“I did a show in Texas one weekend with more of the college kids and I just happened to be wearing those snap away pants and this girl tugged at my pants and ripped them right off right in the middle of a song and I just kept playing. That was in my younger years. Yupp she got the tear-aways!”

Nice! I love hearing those kinds of stories.

“Yeah, Though a lot of people would get embarrassed or make a big deal, I just laugh about those interesting things that happen on stage! I’ve broke 3 strings in one song and really just trying to play with 3 strings and it makes you a better performer the more bad experiences you have.”

Is there anything you would like to tell all our reader’s I haven’t touched on?

"Well I’m just so excited to actually put out new music, ‘cus everybody is thinking, why aren’t you putting out music? Why aren’t you putting out music? I’m just trying to put out the best record I can, not just put something out there just because. It’s taken 6 years but I’m really looking forward to people actually getting to hear the music!”

When can we expect the new album out?

“hmm Probably around early March.”

Alright Thank You so much for your time Ryan!

“My Pleasure!”

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December 30, 2013
Say Hello to ‘Lucy Iris’

We had the chance to catch up with the talented singer songwriter Lucy Iris, who you can be seen live at The Countdown to Christmas with Ryan Cabrera in Celebration Fl.

1. What genre do you most identify your musical style with?
     Pop, big band, jazz, and soul.

2. Are You native to central, Florida?
    I was born Jacksonville Florida and lived there for the first 18      years of my life.

3.  Do you have a venue you like over all the rest you’ve performed in?
    As far as big venues goes the best was my first gig ever. I opened up for Vince Gill at the age of 15 at Silver Springs park to a crowd of 35,000. I almost fainted when I saw the crowd! I love my local gigs and my fans are the best! I play every Tuesday in College Park at a great place called Ollies Public House and they are like family to me there.

4.  How would you like to be remember in the music society?
Pure and relentless. I know music goers know when you love what you do. I don’t play music for the money. I play music for the way it makes me feel inside. I have never stopped playing music and I never will. It’s not how big the stage is its how big your love is. My love for music carries me from song to song, stage to stage, day to day and year to year.

5.  Is there a certain song(s) or place that inspires you musically?
Usually around the holidays I listened to a lot of Frank Sinatra when I was younger. I love the cool air, the parties, and the sleeping mystery of winter. It makes me reflect on the the past year and a lot of songs spring from that for me.

6.  What music really influenced you growing up?
I obsessively sang Mariah Carey when I was a kid. My favorite is a song called Vanishing.

7.  If you could work with one Billboard artist right now who would it be and why?
A great big world! They are excellent songwriters! I would love to sing one of there songs. Man are they raw emotional and direct!

8.  Is there anything you would like to tell all of our readers?
If I haven’t sung to you yet I hope you come find me because I can’t wait to sing to you. Find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lucy.iris1

Thank’s Lucy!

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December 9, 2013
New Sound Candy Updates - Holiday Concerts!

There are so many great artist coming to central Florida this year for the holidays. Goo Goo Dolls, Ryan Cabrera, Backstreet Boys, Parachute… Just to name a few :)

December 14th: Radio Disney Holiday Concert with Megan Nicole and Before You Exit @ Celebration Fl Town Center, FREE

December 15th: 105.1 ‘All I want for Christmas show # 1 with the Goo Goo Dolls, Sara Bareilles and Parachute. House of Blues, Tickets $52.50 DOS

December 16th: 102 Jamz presents Hook Up #5 with Emblem 3, Zendaya, Midnight Red and Cash Cash. House Of Blues, Tickets $30.50 DOS

December 17th: 105.1 Presents ‘All I want for Christmas’ show 2 with the Backstreet Boys, Colbie Caillat, Plain White T’s and Marie Miller. House Of Blues, Tickets $80.00 DOS

December 20th: Orlando Rocks! for tots! Featuring; Born From Ashes, Not Tonight Josephine, Gorillafight, SoulSwitch, Mel’s Bad Girls Club. House Of Blues, Tickets $5.00 DOS

December 21st: Count to Christmas with Ryan Cabrera and Lucy Iris. Celebration, Fl. FREE

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November 18, 2013
New Music Update

Punk pop starlet Avril Lavigne has been a busy girl three months after the release of her Goodbye Lullaby.  Lavigne announced that work on her fifth studio album had already begun, she explained, "Goodbye Lullaby was more mellow, the next one will be pop and more fun again. This lasted self-titled album is what we love from the one and only Avril Lavigne!

Yours Truly, Ariana Grande
You may know her as the quirky cat Valentine from Victorious and Sam and Cat, but this tiny songstress is making a mark on the musical world with her powerful vocals and R&B tracks. You can really hear a salute to the early 90s in her record similar to Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson. The album's physical copy features a twelve-track standard edition, while the digital copy features the Spanglish version of "The Way" as a bonus track. For all the fans of Mariah Carey, Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony this CD is made for you!

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October 25, 2013
XLent Night Out with Demi Lovato

Come hang out with today’s hottest pop artist the gorgeous and crazy talented Demi Lovato. In 2008, she came to prominence as a cast member in the television film Camp Rock. Cutting away with her own music and showing the world she was MUCH more than a Disney girl but a world class pop artist able to compete with the greats.

Now she is headed out on ‘The Neon Lights’ Tour. Supporting the show will be Cher Lloyd the English singer-songwriter and rapper who rose to fame after finishing fourth in the seventh series of The X Factor.

And not to be forgotten MKTO, an American musical duo consisting of Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller. Catching Radio listener’s with there debt single “Thank You” and their second ’Smile-Worthy’ release “Classic” which was released in June 2013.

Sunday 11/03/2013
Doors: 06:00 PM
Show: 07:00 PM
$52.50 – ADVANCE
$55.50 – DOS

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September 9, 2013
Catching Up with The Edge Effect

Winners of MTV’s “Top Pop Group” and Boyz II Men’s “Next Great A Cappella Group”, America’s Got Talent finalists, and international recording artists.

The Edge Effect Alphabet Radio Album Preview Show @ The Venue 9.14.13.  The guys of the a capella group ‘Edge Effect are coming back with their debut album ‘Alphabet Radio’. We caught up with the band as they got ready to debut songs off their new album at The Venue in Orlando on September 14th for their Album Preview Concert:

Hello guys, it’s great to catch up again! We hear you have a new project to share, your debut release “Alphabet Radio”:

1. How would you describe this album to your fans?

This album is unlike any other album we’ve heard or been a part of. We started off with our signature a cappella sound and merged it with a hybrid rhythm section to create a brand new style of music. This album is the result of two years of tireless work to define our sound. While there are songs that encompass a variety of styles, they each possess our signature vocals and hybrid rhythm section that audiences and fans will immediately begin to associate with The Edge Effect.

2. Who were some of the collaborations on this project?

We have been blessed to have so many wonderful people to lend their talents to this record. The album is being produced by Jamey Tate, who has toured and performed with Al Jarreau, David Benoit, Mindi Abair, David Pack and more, and it is being engineered and mixed by Grammy Award winner Clark Germain, who has worked with such acts as Sting, Bonnie Raitt, Simply Red, Counting Crowes and many, many others. It was very humbling to get to work with someone of his caliber on our first record, and we learned a lot from him in the studio. We also have three incredible guest artists featured on the record: Marc Broussard (who wrote and sings lead on an original tune “Biggest Fan”), the recently elected President of the Los Angeles Chapter of the N.A.R.A.S., Mindi Abair (who plays sax on a cover of one of her songs “Get Right”) and Broadway star and vintage soul artist Shoshana Bean (singing a duet on our original “Monsters”). All of them hit it out of the park and did an amazing job!

3. Are there any particular songs that you are a bit more proud of than others?

Songs are like children, you love them all individually yet equally. If we had to pick out ones with significant meaning, probably “Come Get a Taste” since it is the first original we’ve been performing live and “All Night” since it was a real group effort with the songwriting process.

4. Now, how did you decide on ‘Alphabet Radio’ as the title?

We bounced around ideas for a name for weeks, and this one came up along the way randomly. For us, it sort of defines the album as our own radio station that encompasses our influences from A-Z. We also just thought it sounded cool ;-)

5. Is there anything you would like to let our readers in on?

YES! We have an album preview show coming up on September 14th at the Venue in Lake Ivanhoe in Downtown Orlando, and we’d love to see everyone there! We will be doing songs from the new album, some really cool covers and even a little a cappella for old times sake. You can find out all of the information and get tickets or just keep up with us at www.notaboyband.com.


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July 18, 2013
Get Struck by Lovestruck Robot

Lovestruck Robot, Orlando natives that have come together to ignite a catchy pop/R&B sound that keeps capturing audience's attention. Their debut album released in April 2011 titled “I Wanna Be In A Band” surpassed more than 300 bands to win at the Florida Grammy Showcase on opening night of the 2011 Florida Music Festival & Conference. We caught up with lead singer Jace Magee who told us the reason for the name and gave us some updates on their July 27th House of Blues performance:

1.Who is ‘Lovestruck Robot’?
Jace Magee (vocals), Zsaki Turner (guitar), Anthony Reed (bass), Jeremy James (keys) and Jonathan Parks (drums)

2.Could you tell us more about your band name?                              The band name was originally something else before Lovestruck Robot. Long story short for legal reasons we had to change it. I have always been really into science and robots, and also completely head over hills in love with music. So there u have it. Lovestruck Robot!

3.When and where did you decide to start this musical endeavor? I’ve been pursuing music hardcore since is was 18 yrs old. This band formed in 2008. We all originally came together to put some cover songs together to land a club gig. We ended up landing the steady club gig, and had mad chemistry. We dabbled with some song writing at first, started messing around in the studio, then just gradually progressed and decided to record an album.

4.As a band who are your major musical influences? There are so many. Some current ones are Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer, Adam Levine, and Bruno Mars. Some classic artists are EW&F, Al Green, Lionel Richie, Lenny Kravitz, and Marvin Gaye.

5.How would you describe your sound?                                               If u took Maroon 5, Lenny Kravitz, and Justin Timberlake and put them in a blender…it would make a Lovestruck Robot smoothie. We’re taking pop/rock and adding soulful R&B/urban elements, but yet keeping it mainstream pop enough to appeal to the masses.

6. Do you have a favorite Fl venue to perform in? Love House of Blues Orlando, and also The Social in downtown Orlando.

7. In 2 word’s describe your live performances?                            Energetic and blurry (we get zoned out so much when the shows over we like “what just happened?” Lol

8.What’s the last song you downloaded to your playlist?“Clarity” by Zedd one of best written edm songs I’ve ever heard

9. If you could collaborate with one artist who would it be and why?                                                                                                      Justin Timerlake. The guy cannot lose. He took what he did with ‘N Sync and created longevity for himself and just keeps on maintaining a great level of success.

10.Have any words you would like to tell all our readers? Look us up on Facebook, Twitter, and lovestruckrobot.com hope to see everyone at a show soon!

For free tickets to our show at House of Blues Orlando please send an email with your mailing address and number of tickets to lovestruckrobot@gmail.com it will be worth your while. U can bring all your rotten vegetables from your fridge and throw them at us it u don’t like us. ;)

Thank’s for the Q&A Jace!

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July 1, 2013
Keep It Cute

With all the rising powerpop/alt rock bands coming in as quickly as they fade it’s really hard to stand out in such a filled genre, but the guys of the Texas based band Keep it Cute have a contagious feel and energetic sound defining it as pop n' roll, making them very radio ready. Their vocals and overall instrumental accompaniment are strong enough to carry them for a longer career of other similar artists in their genre like Forever the Sickest Kids, Simple Plan and AllStar Weekend. Working along side Kevin Gates who has assisted Never Shout Never and The Ready Set on ‘New Beginnings’ and earning their spot in April ’13 Alternative Press ‘Top 100 Bands You Need To Know' they are definetly music to be noticed.

I caught of with the guys this week on a Q&A as they are currently on tour with We The Kings, so check out all they had to say below:

Hey guys, why don’t you introduce yourselves to our readers?

My name is Ryan and sing. My name is Matt and I play guitar. My name is Aldo and I play bass. My name is Kevin and I play guitar.

When did you all come together to form the band? And how did the name come about?

We have all been friends for quite some time and all played in different bands throughout the local music scene. When things began to get more serious, we all came together to form “Keep It Cute”. While deciding what to name our band, we thought of something short and catchy that people would remember.

Now, I have to say when listening to your tracks I really was reminded of Forever The Sickest Kids and The Friday Night Boys was that an intentional inspiration?

Yes and no. We all grew up listening to pop punk bands, and we believe we kind of formed our own sound over the years, a sound people would describe as “Pop N’ Roll”. Our music tends to have the elements of modern top 40 pop songs a long with a pinch of rock n’ roll.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences as a band?

For inspiration, we listen to anything from Mötley Crüe and Def Leopard to Justin Bieber and One Direction, but our biggest inspiration of all is our fans, without them we would be nothing.

Lyrics, is it a group effort or one designated lyricist?

In the beginning, when it came to song writing, Ryan wrote all of the songs. Now it is more of a group effort between Ryan and Matt and the rest of the band.

Last song you listened to on your playlist?

The last song played on my playlist was 22 by Taylor Swift.

Weirdest thing that’s happened on tour as of yet?

So far, the weirdest thing that has happened on the road was Ryan’s bright red pants ripping down the middle during the first song in our set at Six Flags Over Texas in Dallas, TX.

What would you guys like to tell all our readers? 

We would like to tell everyone: thanks so much for your support and reading. We all can’t wait to meet all of you on tour this summer.

Thanks guys and look forward to catching your show!

For more on the band:
Twitter: @KeepItCuteBand
Purevolume: www.purevolume.com/keepitcuteofficial
Tumblr: http://keepitcuteband.tumblr.com/
Youtube: www.Youtube.com/Keepitcuteofficial

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June 24, 2013
Sudden Move

Still in the raw stages of Sudden Move, three musicians are finding their style and dynamic as one of Orlando’s newest alternative/ rock development. Check out our Q&A with Richie, James and Anthony:

Hi guys, why don’t you introduce yourselves to our readers.

Richie: I’m Richie and I’m the lead vocalist as well as the rhythm guitarist. Since we don’t have a bassist yet, I write bass parts for our songs when we record them. James: My name is James and I’m lead guitar and backing vocals. Anthony: I’m Anthony and I play the drums.

I read the definition behind your band name would you describe that to our followers as well ?

James: It was spur of the moment, I guess. Richie: James had approached me with moving to the area and becoming his roommate. So within a few weeks I was down. We started writing songs the night I moved in, so it was a “sudden move.” And the name kind of stuck.

What artist/bands would you say have been your greatest overall influence(s)?

Richie: For me personally, it would be a tie between Brand New and Coheed & Cambria. Brand New has such a magnetic vibe to all of their songs, it’s hard to not like them. And Claudio Sanchez of Coheed helped me get comfortable with singing in a higher register, which is a big part of our sound. James: Sevendust and Alter Bridge are probably mine. Clint Lowery and Mark Tremonti are big influences on my guitar playing. It’s a combination of heaviness and melody. Both those guys are the reason I got into playing guitar. Anthony: Dave Grohl.

Do you have a favorite central Flordia venue/spot to perform as of now?

Richie: Definitely. Red Lion Pub is by far our favorite. The owner is so very friendly and kind. The crowd is always pumped. It’s just an amazing atmosphere. James: We also liked playing open mic nights at Sam Ash. That’s how we met Anthony.

Who does the lyrical work and compositions for the band?

Richie: I write the lyrics and the skeleton of the song. It’s a long process since I tend to write intricate parts, so it gets tedious trying to find lines that flow correctly with them. James: I basically add flavor to them and fill the song up a bit more. It’s kind of hard since Richie writes more intricate things and in a different style than what I’m used to playing. Richie: And Anthony takes care of writing the drum parts.

I noticed that the band is still in the young stages, What made you decide to form this band in the first place?

Richie: I’ve always loved performing; whether in high school chorus or in drama, and I love music. I’m also a workaholic, so I function best when I have something to dedicate my time toward. And considering my roommate was also into music, it just made sense to put my passion into a band. James: I’m pretty much the same. I like music and staying busy. I like having an outlet. Richie pretty much summed it up. Anthony: Passion for music.

In ten words or less what else would you like to tell us about Sudden Move?

Richie: We’ll have an EP out soon, so watch for that. James: Send us a bassist.

Show Sudden Move some love with a ‘like’ on their Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/SuddenMoveMusic?fref=ts


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May 6, 2013
Action Item takes on WARPED!

Action Item is made up of New Jersey natives that have been touring in support of their EP, “The Stronger The Love” an album that has sold over 22,000 copies independently & has had successful placement on multiple television shows.

Not only have these pop/rockers gone on a full headlining tour but also have shared a stage with Hot Chelle Rae, Andy Grammer, & Allstar Weekend. Along with having support slots for Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez & Boys Like Girls.

The band has had 3 singles in Radio Disney’s Top 30 Countdown including “Learn To Fly” a track produced by Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Now the guys are touring the nation with one of most popular music festival’s in the country The Warped Tour!

Florida Dates include:

Tampa 7/26, West Palm Beach 7/27, Orlando 7/28!


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April 23, 2013
Backstreet Boys earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Hello 90’s kids! Backstreet Boys just earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! This American vocal harmony group,formed in Orlando, Florida in 1993 by Lou Pearlman simply by an add placed in the Orlando Sentinel has became such a huge part of musical history, who would have guessed?

A. J. McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell went from from having their first performance in Sea World, Orlando in 1993 to becoming immortalized with a Hollywood star. Happy 20 years from Orlando guys!

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April 12, 2013
The Marvelous Claw Crane Machine

This band really caught me by surprise as I wasn’t certain what to expect from the Panties and Robots. What I experienced was a pure contagious explosion of electronic sounds bouncing off the backdrop of alternative rock rhythms while supporting the powerpop vocals. The masters of the pop sound blasting from Panties and Robots are the Columbia based musicians Laura Rúa – Vocals, Diego Rodríguez – Guitar, Alejandro Perez – Drums, Felipe Perez – Guitar, Gab Fontecha – Synths/Grooves, Carlos Valderrama – Bass.

One quality I really found unique about this band is the way they approach their genre and branding. Using vintage style artwork to animate the cover of their newest CD release ‘The Marvelous Claw Crane Machine’. And playful flirty tracks really a ‘soundtrack to summer’ kind of CD. The band’s vocals are provided by Laura whose sound and range is reminiscent of Cassadee Pope in her Hey Monday days .

Panties and Robots is the perfect fit for any of you that are fans of Cobra Starship, Cash Cash and The White Tie Affair.

Give P&R some love on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Panties-Robots/131313460279909

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April 8, 2013
2013 Florida Music Festival

The Florida Music Festival '13 is excited to present the most diverse collective of performing artists in their 12 year history. Opening night kicks off with a celebration of EDM featuring renowned lyricist and music entrepreneur DJ Lupe Fiasco as The Soundclash with DJ Sky Gellatly on the Wall Street Mainstage. Transcendental dance is featured in The Social with Boombox, as Folkabilly rock is gonna blow out The Backbooth with Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band!

Friday night hosts fast rising Country Music star Charlie Worsham on the Wall Street Mainstage, and classic Reggae with the Rootz Underground hosting a pre 4/20 party in The Social. And Saturday, hometown heroes The Supervillains make their third FMF appearance with the best 4/20 party in town at Wall Street Mainstage, while rock, country, pop, hip hop and more are represented on 15 different stages and clubs in Downtown Orlando!

Music industry representatives descend on Downtown Orlando for FMF weekend to discover unsigned talent, and offer knowledge to attending musicians and music business students on Saturday, April 20th at The City Arts Factory (SAK THEATRE) from 12pm-6pm. Past speakers have included some of the music industry's top studio producers, record label presidents, digital media visionaries, tour producers and artists.

A limited number of advance tickets 3 Day tickets on sale for $15 now! EMAIL for more information:artistrelations@floridamusicfestival.com

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March 20, 2013
Hope In Disguise

New to the scene and freshly uncovered for your enjoyment, this band emerges out of California with an electronic/pop, progressive collaboration. Now check out our interview with Hope In Disguise’s creator and lyricist Chris Ayala.

Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, I’m Chris Ayala I sing and write the lyrics for Hope In Disguise.

Where did the name ‘Hope in Disguise’ originate from exactly?

My friend came up with the name. We were looking for something that caught the eye and had meaning

How long have all of you been playing together?

I was solo for almost a year before AJ joined. So this version of Hope In Disguise has been together since December of 2012

Is there a particular producer you hope to work with in the future or have already worked with?

The producer we work with now is pretty amazing. He knows our sound very well. I guess to work with Nat from 3OH!3 would be pretty cool cause we are influenced by them.

What is the weirdest/funnest thing that has ever happened to you while performing?

We recently played a show where the cables broke and we were left on stage for about 5 minutes just talking to the crowd. It was awkward but we made it work.

If you were ‘DARED’ to do a cover of a POP hit, which one would it be?

We wouldn’t need to be dared we love pop music. We have some pop covers coming out on our summer EP. I wouldn’t call the songs mainstream hits but we really like the way they came out. For mainstream maybe beauty and the beat by Justin Bieber would be cool.

Who would be you dream band/artist to tour with?

I would love to tour with All Time Low. Not the same style but I just love their music. I know AJ loves Pierce The Veil so maybe we should just go on the spring fever tour.

What is the #1 song on your playlist right now?

’You Be Tails I’ll Be Sonic’ by A Day To Remember.

Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

Check us out if you like catchy beats, screams mixed with meaningful lyrics and raps. It’s really unique.

Thank’s Chris!

You can check out their sound at https://soundcloud.com/hope-in-disguise

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February 5, 2013
The Return of FOB to Orlando!

Fall Out Boy came From the local underground scene of Illinois with members Pete Wentz as the primary lyricist and Patrick Stump as the primary composer, along with guitarist Joe Trohman, and drummer Andy Hurley. Fall Out Boy broke out of the underground music scene and reached mainstream success with their major label album From Under the Cork Tree which went Double Platinum.  That was followed by Infinity On High which debuted at #1 and released chart-toppers including ‘Thnks fr th Mmrs’ and ‘This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race’.

In 2008 the band released Folie a Deux which featured the alt/punk anthem ‘I don’t Care’. The band announced a hiatus in 2009 to pursue individual interest; Patrick Stump with his solo album Soul Punk, Joe and Andy joining the band The Damned Things while Pete Wentz experimented with a punk/club sound with his female fronted band The Black Cards.

As of February 4th 2013 Fall Out Boy has not only announced a summer tour but the plans for a new record! You can catch FOB back @ House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista on June 4th, tickets go on sale this Saturday (Feb. 9th)

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January 22, 2013
Olly Murs

After achieving success in the U.K., Murs comes to the United States, still the quirky boy who became a television sensation on The X Factor U.K. With a sound and style that firmly places him within the “modern classic” pop star galaxy of Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake.

Murs UK debut,  went double platinum on the conversational smash Please Don’t Let Me Go.

With his latest release being accompanied by Flo Rida on the pop track Troublemaker, with a little similar sound direction as The Wanted, it is certain to be the song of the Spring, ‘sorry Ke$ha’…


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January 7, 2013
One Sacrifice: La Primera Nota

Casting Crowns and Mercy Me with a latino twist. One Sacrifice’s debut album ‘La Primera Nota’ meaning ‘The First Note’ mixing alternative rock/pop and a hint of jazz as they play with different sounds, takes you on a journey through ten songs that fans will really connect with. The vocals are crisp and the lyrics very meaningful with a sprinkle of spirituality. This is an album you can put in no matter who is in the car, a very family oriented record that they will all enjoy. Keep up with Laura, Carolynn, Skylar, Christia and Jose on their FB: facebook.com/OneSacrifice

I had the chance to interview One Sacrifice about ‘La Primera Nota’ Earlier this week:

Please Introduce yourselves to our readers…

Laura Ariza: Bass Player/Lead vocal

Carolynn Aenlle: Keyboardist/Lead vocal

Skylar Jackson: Drummer/Percussionist

Christian Ryan : Saxophone

Jose Aenlle: Lead vocal/Songwriter

How would you define your genre, do you consider yourself strictly Christian or more of a crossover band?

It is a little difficult to pin our music to one specific genre. Overall, we could be considered “Alternative Rock”, but then it is so much more than that. We have “Jacqueline”, a song that flirts with hints of Jazz, then “Primera Nota” a song that we definitely consider experimental. But then we have songs like “Breathe” that follow a different form of song altogether (Sonata Form). Ultimately, we are not trying to fit into a genre, we just love to make wholesome music that can be appreciated for the art. Our songs speak of family, love, praise and hope, and while our core is Christian we are definitely a crossover band. Our love songs can prove that.

When did all of you decide to form ‘OS’ and why One Sacrifice as the band name?

One Sacrifice really came together within this last year, but it was a project that was started by my sister and I. And then it grew into a whole new monster when Laura, Skylar and Christian joined in bringing new flavors, styles and textures. When we all finally came together my compositions gained life and it was unstoppable from there.

About the name, I was always fascinated with mythology and religions of other parts of the world. I loved learning of other peoples belief systems, and that curiosity in juxtaposition with my own personal beliefs made me realize the real meaning of Christianity for me. This relationship with God, is unique because of that One Sacrifice that was made for us out of love. Why One Sacrifice? Because it is the core of my spiritual foundation. (Jose)

Who are your biggest personal musical influences?

Classical music and its forms. The Beatles because of the diversity in their music. Dave Brubeck Quartet, Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay and Muse. All those guys are awesome.

Was there a main lyricist on this record or did you all contribute?

I was the main lyricist in this album. It was difficult not to draw inspiration from personal experiences, all those feelings brought some our best songs to life. Also some of our best lyrics came from my fathers old poems and journals, those yellowed papers are a treasure to me. (Jose)

In 2 words how would you describe your album ‘La Primera Nota’?

Raw Emotion

What are your overall ambitions for this album?

This album is about overcoming, so our main purpose is to help those who listen to these songs find at least a little hope to get through their problems. It is hard to listen back to some of these songs and not tear up, it took a lot to make this album happen, but it was worth it. We hope to make a difference with “La Primera Nota”.

Thank’s One Sacrifice for the interview!

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December 17, 2012
The Edge Effect: Winners of MTV’s ‘Great A Capella Group’!

The Edge Effect is a six-man vocal band comprised of Orlando-based Danny Alan, Sean Gerrity, Soloman Jaye, John Gibson , Troy Dolendo and Karl Hudson.  Curiosity, was the true emotion that sparked in me when I was told we were covering the performance. Why, so many groups emerging out of Orlando and they all seem to possess the same delusional quality that they have something that no one else has encountered before when in reality you’re checking your facebook by the end of their first song.

I was curious to see if The Edge Effect (a vocal band) was going to hold my attention. Result? Not only did they hold my attention they held the entire audience. Their talent above all else really was beyond local performances it was on a nation touring level. Their voices truly are their instruments and they work them beautifully. Showcasing their A Capella style in the first performance and in the second proving they versatility not only as an A Capella group but as a band!

We had the opportunity to interview the guys during a performance break on Friday at the Gaylord Palms Resort.  They are truly a people’s band very easy going, raw and beyond courteous as when one of the members of our party could not ride the elevator she was escorted by one of the members around the building and to the Green Room where we met the rest of the band.Videos of their performance do not do them justice, they are a must-see live band! So I say they are a 5 Star band!

How do you guys like perform at Gaylord for the Holidays?
It’s been Great, We love Christmas time, I know that sound’s like a stock answer but it’s true!

Tell me about your sound and how you separate yourselves in this industry?

“Ohh good question, we are an A Capella group but we combine different genres of music and really a different level and we want to add drums, keyboard and guitar with our sound for instance having the instruments with Troy adding to the percussion. And with so many A Capella groups coming up everyday and groups out of high school popping up everywhere and coming out of Orlando we definately separate ourselves and are not a boy band. http://www.NotABoyBand.com!”

Being apart of ‘Top Pop Group’ and ‘Great A Capella Group’ how has that helped you as performer’s?

“Ohh what can I say, practice makes perfect but perfect practice gives a perfect performance And really the more you do something, and the more repetition you become more skilled at that. Trial and finding out what works, we just really grew has performers.”

Who is your biggest musical influences?

“So many, well Prince, Stevie Wonder, Muse, Journey, Brian Mcknight, and of course Bruno Mars right now, ohh yeah. That list would really keep going!”

Now, you’ve shared the stage with a wide range of artists, have you been starstruck by one yet?

Prince, definately Prince. I really had no words to look over and have Prince point to you, yeah.” And Stevie Wonder, having him call out our name, just an amazing feeling!”

What would you like to tell our readers?

“Kick Start Page, please take a look and visit are Kick Start page and there are tracks to are songs. Please take a listen we appreciate every little thing.”

The Edge Effect is Currently Performing for the Holidays @ Gaylord Palms Resort Kissimmee http://www.notaboyband.com/

Thanks Guys...Mandi

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November 19, 2012
Children's Miracle Network presents Gavin Degraw!

MIX 105.1 and Children's Miracle Network Presents Gavin DeGraw and Grace Potter at House of Blues Orlando.
December, 16th 2012. Come celebrate the holidays with award winning singer/songwriter Gavin Degraw with hits including 'I don't wanna be', 'In love with a girl' and chart topper 'Not Over You'.

Doors open @ 6:30 pm, show starts @ 7:30pm. Be there!

Sunday 12/16/2012
$27.00 - General Admission Standing
$30.00 - Day of Show G.A. Standing
Ages: all

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October 22, 2012
‘We Are The People’s Band’!

Another Lost Year

From the opening chord to the last word, ALY’s live show will take you through every emotion possible, a feeling that has been proven time and time again with not just the friends and fans that attend, but also with the bands that regularly tour with ALY. http://anotherlostyear.com/fr_home.cfm

We had some time to speak with Clinton of ALY who is the bass and vocalist:

1. Describe the mood of your new record “Better Day’s”?
“uhh the mood, well there’s a lot of hope, moments in time and really that everything has a positive outcome.”

2.Who is the lyricist and where do you find the most inspiration?
” I am, it comes from relationships, times good/bad, really everything.”

3.Tell me why the band name ‘Another Lost Year’ what does it signify?
“When I was in the army I came back and realized I lost a lot of time and so that’s really where it came from.”

4.Now, how long have all of you been playing together as a band?
“Just over 18 months, and we’re all from different bands”

5.Is there any collaboration’s on the album, or any you hope for in the near future?                                                                                   "Justin Rimer from 12 Stones produced it, next album I would really like to work with Chris Daughtry.”

6. How would you like the Another Lost Year to be remembered?
“Our fans are amazing we really want to effect the people that come out, we are the peoples band”

Thanks guys and look forward to seeing you hit Orlando!


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September 25, 2012
On The Rise: Taylen

Drop by Australian teen Pop sensation Taylen’s Facebook page and have a listen to her catchy tracks as she sets to drop her new single Bonnie & Clyde off her upcoming EP Masque. Now just sixteen years old, her musical journey has just begun! Taylen says that she hopes that her fans will get to know her through her music and will enjoy listening to it as much as she enjoyed recording it.

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as fun Pop. Its not pure Pop, but thats the direction I am wanting to go. I love the sound of Pure Pop.

Who do you aspire to be like if anyone?

Well my musical Idol is Katy Perry. However im not sure I fully want to be like her, only because I want to be different and unique, but I love everything she stands for. And I guess I have sort of started out like here, because we both chased a dream, and gave up quite a bit to make it happen.

Was there a certain moment when you knew that music was your future?

I knew music was my future once I stepped on stage. I was so nervous and I was on the verge of tears, but once I had finished, I said.. I want to do that again. And it just because something that I wanted to keep doing. Performing and just having fun on stage. I like that when im at a concert it all fun and high energy, and I hope to bring that to my shows one day.

What is your favorite song right now?

I have WAY too many favorite songs. Only because I have one for every mood. But that songs that I listen too more often are Hummingbird Heartbeat by Katy Perry, The Way That You Do by Ross Lynch, Wish You Were Here by Cody Simpson, Be Alright by Justin Bieber and many, many more.

Dream venue to perform in?

My dream venue is Madison Square Gardens. I always had a dream since I was little that I would perform there. Its just something that has always inspired me to keep doing better at my singing and my performance.

Favorite thing about coming to the states?

My favorite thing about being in the states is, also I always had the dream of Hollywood. Like most people Hollywood is the dream. And I work hard so that I can be here. I love the vibe and how its a different experience. I love my home, and it will always be my home, but I guess Hollywood has been my dream forever.



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August 24, 2012
SS Showcase features Blessed By A Broken Heart

Tooth and Nail Recording artists, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Children 18:3, and Write This Down recently performed at the S.S. Showcase in Kissimmee, Florida on August 18th, 2012, as part of the DisTOURtion Tour. The show also featured local opening acts, Error404 and A Bridge Between. Error404, a unique blend of dance beats and heavy guitar riffs was followed by the Christian Contemporary Worship act, A Bridge Between. They are a new band in the Orlando music scene but look out for more to come from this Rock-Worship band!

Soon after, Children 18:3 rocked the venue. The drummer’s cymbals were on fire…literally! Then, Write This Down took the stage and blasted the audience with their own fresh combination of Pop Punk and Metal, Blessed By A Broken Heart headlined the show, This band will make you feel like you’re in the 1980’s watching an old Hair Metal band! They put on an amazing and wild show and they really got the crowd into their music. Overall, the S.S Showcase brought another great LIVE show to the Central Florida area and all the bands put on an incredible and diverse show!

A Bridge Between: http://www.facebook.com/abridgebetweenmusic

Blessed by a Broken Heart: http://www.facebook.com/blessedbyabrokenheart

Write This Down:             http://www.facebook.com/writethisdownband

Error 404:                                   http://www.facebook.com/Error404FL

Children 18:3:                            http://www.facebook.com/children183  


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August 15, 2012
Check out our Interview with The Dirty Heads

1. So its been 4 years since the release of ‘Any Port in a Storm’ is there anything unexpected in the sophomore album ‘Cabin by the Sea’?

Like you said it’s been 4 years so we have had a lot of shows and the sound is more mature and ‘Any Port in a Storm’ really was all different. This album ‘Cabin by the Sea’ really goes together.

2. Now, you’ve collaborated with some of the music greats are there any collaborations on the new album?

Yes, 4. Matisyahu who is also on the current single ‘Dance All Night’, a buddy of ours, and Rome Ramirez, Ky-Mani Marley and Del the Funky.

3.Where did you find the most inspiration from for this new album?

Everywhere. We made this as a record you can really put on anytime.

4.Now, off ‘Cabin by the Sea’ is there a track your particularly proud of over the rest?

Haven’t picked a favorite yet, I’m really proud of it as a whole, it was just lot of fun.

5. You guys have been known to have a pretty rigorous touring schedule, how do you unwind after a long tour?

Golf,we had 2 days off and we were playing golf all day. And hanging out with the family.

6. ‘Cabin by the Sea’, why that title, what is the meaning behind it?

Mental place to get away from your problems.

7. I must know, what is the weirdest thing thats happen to the band while on tour?

We try to never really answer this one.

8. You guys will be hitting the House of Blues here August 30th. What would you like to say to all your Orlando fans that will be heading out to see you?

Come out and we hope to see all of you, we really love our shows to feel like we’re all together just hanging out!


Thank you so much guys. Great talking to you and AWESOME record!

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August 13, 2012
Statewide Drifter

1.Statewide Drifter has been cultivating music since the end of ’11, what was the motivation to start this band?

Ian (vox/guitar) and myself (Phil, Bass) started this band in our house during college. We had been roommates for about 5 months when we moved into a new house with a high school buddy of Ian’s, who happened to be a drummer. With three musicians in the house, it just made sense to start a band. Since then we have had a few lineup changes, but it eventually led us to Jon (guitar) and Tyler (drums) in November. Since then we have been working non-stop to write appealing music, put on a GREAT show and continually give it our all.

2.You have an indie/Rock sound, where does the inspiration for it?

We all have different influences. From singer/songwriters like Tom Waits and Loudon Wainwright, rock bands like Thrice and Manchester Orchestra, to ambient bands like Explosions In The Sky and Incubus. What we look for in our music is a BIG sound that’s in your face! Jon also has a great way of adding almost a blues, jazzy edge to our songs, which you don’t hear too often in music now a days. Since it’s such a melting pot of different styles, we figured the best way to describe our sound would be to call it Indie.

3.Statewide Drifter, now where did that band name derive? Who was behind it?

The name Statewide Drifter was a collective idea between our two old band members, Ian and myself. We see Statewide Drifter as a state of mind, and all of us are this idea of a drifter. The four of us all come from different parts of the country, and it seems as though our mind sets have all brought us here to form this group and build a bond.

 4.How would you describe your EP “Songs to Write Home About”?

“Songs to Write Home About” is about the mindset of longing for home. We have all been away from home for such a long time, that we felt the metaphorical journey would be a good subject to base an EP off of. The EP is an entirely genuine collection and embodiment of some of our life experiences. Both musically and lyrically “Songs to Write Home About” is a genuine expression of our feelings.

5.What has been the biggest event/thing to happen to SWD as of yet?

Going on our week long tour with Reggie Williams and Chris Martignago was the biggest event to happen to us, thus far. There were some ups and downs, but overall such an amazing experience. Being able to play in such different places with different people was such a big step for us, since we have only been together for less than a year. During that time we were actually played on WJRR Native Noise, which has always been a dream of ours to get on the radio.

6.Is there a band you most compare yourself with or share a similar style to?

That’s probably the only question that we, to this day, still cannot answer. We’ve gotten people to compare us to Brand New, Weezer, and, in certain aspects, Foo Fighters.

7.Do you write your own lyrics?

Unfortunately John Mayer was “too busy” to help us, so Ian writes all the lyrics.

8.Mixing it up a little... in 10 words or less tell us the craziest thing that has ever happen to you? My car flipped before a show. It was BAD!

9.Favorite ‘non-musical’ pastime?

Grilling! We grill pork chops, chicken wings, steaks, seafood and all sorts of things at least once a day.

10.Where can we catch SWD next?

Catch us Sunday August 26th at The Abbey in Orlando. We have been selected to play for a company from Los Angeles, CA who happens to be bringing out an A&R Representative from Warner Bros. Music Group. You can purchase tickets here

(www.wantickets.com/Statewide) Wish us luck guys!

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July 17, 2012
Anita Drink' and The Best of Both Worlds

July 20th after work head over to the DownTown Bar and Grill inside the heart of Clermont where classic rock trio Anita Drink with the legendary Jill Towers will be performing live!
Then on Saturday July 21st, no you're not staying home or sitting on your butt soaking up the rays from your computer screen, you're heading to the The Haven where Booked Promotion's presents the 'Best of Both Worlds' with Victoria Madison, Rathom Stone, Tiger Eyes and Rahman and the Noodles. All ages and tickets are $8 each.


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June 26, 2012
'A Brilliant Lie' Interview

Say hello to 'ABL':
Zachary Teman, bassist,
Tim Cook-Berry lead guitarist/back-up vocalist,
James Christopher Lane drummer,
Tara Lightfoot, lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist

2. What makes you different musically than other Orlando bands?

Zach – “Mostly, the writing connection that we have within our band and the vast backgrounds of musical upbringing is what really sets our sound apart from those around us. We have finally decided that our “genre” would be classified more or less as “Think-Outside-The-Box” Alternative Rock. At the end of the day we are just another rock band, but there are traces of indie/folky influences, as well as pop punk and hard rock undertones. With that being said, I think we have been able to bring those elements together and create a cohesive “sound” for A Brilliant Lie."
Tim - “We try to challenge our listeners with unexpected structures and we rely heavily on ambitious lyrical content.”
Chris - “We play straight up the middle rock and take as many chances as we can with it”
Tara –” Luckily, we are in a situation where we can write as a group. Not only do we try to write material that our audience will enjoy, but also songs that challenge us as musicians. I think the outcome is a sound that is fun and unique.”

3. What kind of imprint do you want to leave on society?

Zach – “Hope…nothing more”
Tim - “We want to have a positive effect on our listeners. Our music tends to be more or less an expression of our recognition of our flaws, but only in a positive way because we wish to better ourselves.”
Chris - “There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope.”
Tara – “Hope, community, and creativity.”

4. ‘One’ word to describe your sound?

Tim - “Radiant.”,
Zach – “Quirky.”,
Chris – “Rock.”,
Tara –“Sincere.”

5. What style of music do you draw the most inspiration from?

Zach – “I couldn’t stick to just one area as there are influences in all sorts of genres for many reasons, whether it be from songwriting, to performance, to style and grace, to legendary musicianship. I have personally been enjoying as of recently, bass work and composition from Modest Mouse, Franz Ferdinand, Muse, and Cake. Really groovy stuff that no one musician over plays the next.”
Tim – “Alternative rock.”,
Chris- “Alternative of the nineties. And true rock bands such as Foo Fighters.”,
Tara – “I love anything creative and distinct. Artists who (to me) actually ”created” a sound of their own…such as: Bjork, At The Drive-In, Ani Difranco, etc etc.”

6. Your dream venue to perform in?

Zach – “My dream when A.B.L. started was to play Orlando House of Blues. Since we are coming up on our 3rd time in a year performing there I guess I’ll have to pick a new one… maybe Red Rocks amphitheater in Denver… yeah.”,
Tim – “The Fillmore: San Francisco, CA”,
Chris- “Milton Keynes Bowl in the UK.”
Tara – “Hmm….I don’t know about a specific venue, per se. But I’ve always wanted to play overseas…like somewhere in Japan. It would be so interesting to share music with a different culture.”

7. Why did you choose that particular band name?

Zach – *turns to look at Tim*,
Tim – “Because we believe the worst lies you can tell are the ones you tell yourself rather than others. Being honest with yourself helps to be honest with others. Because of honesty, things like friendship, inspiration, love, relaxation, and ultimately happiness are made possible.”
Chris- *turns to look at Tim*,
Tara - *turns to look at Tim*

8. For Tara (unless there are more girls in the band, we don’t judge) how does it feel being a female in an industry dominated by male artists?

Zach – *turns to look at Tara*,
Tim – *turns to look at Tara*,
Chris - *turns to look at Tara*,
Tara – “I’m not really sure that it’s dominated by male artists. There are a number of great female artists out there….so from what I can tell, it’s a healthy balance of both sexes. Gender isn’t a huge factor for me when it comes to art, music, and expression. So, I guess it doesn’t affect me too much at the end of the day.”

9. If you could open for any of the touring bands who would it be?

Zach – “Sick Puppies, Foo Fighters, Thrice, Dredge, Man Overboard, Modest Mouse. We fall in a weird in-between-genre category that’s been tough to place but kind of helps us reach different demographics of bands.”,
Tim – “Foo Fighters.”,
Chris- “Foo Fighters hands down.”,
Tara – “Hmm….At The Drive-In because they are my fav, and they’re actually playing shows again. Foo Fighters because our sounds would go well together (and I think they’d be super fun to hang out with). But I think we’d go well with a number of bands because our sound is pretty vast.”

10.. How important are fans to you? Would you treat the tween the same as the Steven Tyler generation?

Zach – “Fans are everything. Without them we would have never left the local watering hole. We love what we do and the directions that we are heading in, but without reaching out to wider and wider fan bases we could not grow as a band/fan family. It’s important to us to be a fan of the bands around us and on tour as well. Being a fan of music and just seeing all of what’s out there can expose you to new concepts, ideas, talented musicians, fantastic bands…and all of this makes you want to work harder than you ever have before. Now tween or Tyler generation, someone who appreciates music or what you’re doing is a fan no matter what the age. Even if they don’t like what you’re doing and voice constructive criticism that’s all food for thought and shouldn’t be disregarded.”,
Tim – “Fans mean everything to us.”,
Chris- “They are the heartbeat of us. We try to give back as much as we receive.”,
Tara – “I know this probably sounds trite and silly, but our fans are like an extended family. They are so kind and generous to us – from the folks we see all the time, to the people we’ve never met but who still take the time to come chat with us after the shows. We are beyond lucky. And the connections we’ve made with people because of this band are wonderful and genuine. As far as the generations go, music-lovers are music-lovers. That’s a beautiful thing.”

11. You have said your music is “thought-provoking” how so?

Zach – “Every bit of our music from the melodies and lyrics down to the rhythm and structure has a ton of work put in it to keep the musicianship entertaining, but yet still easily accessible to mainstream radio listening.”,
Tim – “We write songs about moments of specific emotional clarity or distress in order to explore ideas/methods of proceeding towards happiness and clarity. We would never write a song simply stating “I love you, I miss you” because we are more focused on things like “I made a mistake, this is why, and these are the reasons I’ll never do it again.” In other words we try to be optimistic through self-evaluation.”,
Chris- “We aren’t a run of the mill band. Our structures are a little off the beaten path and sometimes it will take more than one listen to truly “get” a song.”,
Tara – “We work really hard to make music that’s digestible, but not cliché. With this mission in mind, we create music, structures, and lyrical content that are relatable, but still interesting to the four of us. Lyrically, we like to explore traits of humanity…things that we can all understand, but don’t always consider on the forefronts of our minds. There are already lots of great songs about relationships & boyfriend/girlfriend issues….so we figured we’d take a different approach and write about what makes us all (and the universe around us all) tick.”

12. Now, if we dared you to tell our audience something weird or unexpected about you in 10 seconds, what might you say ?

Zach –“My ears are two completely different shapes yet hardly anyone ever notices. FACT!!!!”,
Tim –” We are fans of mischief, at least the kind that does not harm others.”,
Chris-“I, Chris Lane, can go for over 10 minutes without blinking.”,
Tara – “I learned how to drive a tractor before I learned how to drive a car.”

13. Do you have a favorite book/novel on your downtime?

Zach – “Well I just started reading again. I read my first book since 9th grade. The book was Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”. I guess I picked it up because I love the fantasy of the Lord of the Rings movies and finally noticed a chance to read a book before the movie premiered. That way I could finally be THAT GUY… you know…the one that says, “Well that’s not how the book portrayed the story” as the credits role.”,
Tim – “My favorite novel might “Ender’s Game” but I prefer films to books.”,
Chris-” I will forever be in love with Brian Greene’s “Elegant Universe.””,
Tara – “I am a big fan of books of poetry. My favorite authors/poets of all time are Denis Johnson and Emily Dickinson. So any of their collections would be winners in my book.”

THANKS! We will see you guy’s at House Of Blues this Saturday!


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May 29, 2012
Interview with Tiger Eyes

1.Now first I must ask what relation does Tiger Eyes have to the band Lilly and the Tigers?
"When we first started we went by that but we've been through so many changes we decided to update our name."

2.Could all of you introduce yourselves?
We are:
Chrissy Chase- Vocals/ bombshell
Mead Hall - Drums/hair fever
Pi Phi - Guitar/math major
Diego - Bass/translator

3. Who are the artist you draw the most inspiration from?
"We're a very diverse group and draw from many different groups. Some include: Madonna, Goldfrapp, No Doubt, Berlin, La Roux, Incubus, Depeche Mode, and even Katy Perry."

4. Style wise, how would you describe Tiger Eyes?
"Electro Pop Rock with dance influences."

5.If you could chose one venue in Florida to perform in where would it be?
"The House of Blues with Britt Daley and Dollface which are two local bands we are friends with."

6.If you could tour with any band past or present who would it be?
"La Roux or Little Dragon would be a dream."

7.What is your overall goal for the band, what kind of impression would you like to leave?
"The over all goal is to be the biggest band in the world. We want to sell out Wembley and play the first show on the moon. We would like to motivate young and old to follow their dreams."

8.Now, if we dared you to tell our audience something weird or unexpected about you in 10 seconds, What might you say?
"We all love Lionel Richie"

Thanks for the Interview Tiger Eyes!
Stay updated to their upcoming show schedule and new music @ http://www.facebook.com/tigereyesband

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May 18, 2012
Badwolf @ HOB May 26th

Big News:
On May 26th at the House of Blues come check out the debut performance of the band Badwolf with Joey Parkes of Shut Up and Dance now the bass player for Badwolf!

Collaborating with Randy Stephens, Adriel Garcia and Mike Stebe, Badwolf turns the dance style we recognize from SUAD to a more edge of alternative, a style we usually see from There for Tomorrow and Adelitas Way.

Their first single 'Rescue' is available now on iTUNES!


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May 8, 2012
Battle of the Bands

A crowd of garage punk/rock music hungry teens crowded into room 108 inside Cooper Memorial Library.

Jugdes were right in the middle of the human created mosh pit surrounded by teens and excitment. Judges included USF student Jeff Seaman percussion instructor and composer and drummer in the USF honors jazz band; Darek Piper who has 16 years of percussion experience and spent 4 years with the band Juice and the legend that is Jill Towers with 6 internationally distributed CDs. She has performed with top acts Deep Purple, Molly Hatchet and Pat Benetar just to name a few and performs solo and with her band Annita Drink.  She is the lyricist behind 'save the children' for the North American Children's watch. You can catch Jill performing this Friday at J.R's Attic in Winter Garden... all ages... Jill was a personal highlight of the event.

Now battle wise: taking 3rd place was the pop/rap duo B-cool and Evahlyne taking home $100. 2nd place went to progressive/hardcore band Eklelpsis heading out with $200, and the top spot went to heavy metal rockers Chernobyl walking away with $300.

Pictures will be posted from the event in the Teen~Lib photo gallery!


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May 4, 2012
Battle of the Bands

Saturday, May 5th 2012

Watch 4 bands battle it out for a total of $600 and of course bragging rights!

The event will be on the Lake Sumter College Campus inside Cooper Memorial Library. Show starts @ 2pm, All Ages, FREE ADMISSION

Performance Line-up:
B-Cool & Evahlynne
Something Different

For more info 352-536-2275
MyLakeLibrary.org ~TeenLib

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April 17, 2012
Interview with Call To Start

Hey, can all of you introduce yourselves to our readers
Chris - "Vocals" , Kevin - "Drums", Mike- "Guitar", Billy- "Bass", Brian - "Guitar"

2. How did you come upon the name Call To Start?
"Well back when we were located in Merritt Island, we knew we wanted to represent our hometown in the name of our band. Merritt Island can probably be best described where the Kennedy Space Center is, so Call To Start resembles the countdown for the engines to start. We were also going through a reformation so a frest "start" was also a reason to the name."

3.Is there a particular artist that first inspired you to start playing music as individuals?
"We will probably give you the answer almost every pop-punk band gives, Blink-182. No matter what, everyone can love some Blink."

4.How long have all of you been playing together?
"Brian Billy and Kevin started up during the summer of 2010. During our reformation into Call To Start in February 2011 we added Mike, who was already a long time friend of the band. We went through singer changes and eventually got Chris November of 2011."

5.Venue you hope to one day perform?
"Well, this was a hard question, because we all have different answers as to where we would dream to play. But we think it would be awesome to play a huge roof top party on a city like New York or South Beach."

6. What is the weirdest/funnest thing that has ever happened to you while performing?
"We were playing a show in our hometown of Merritt Island, our first show with Chris, and we got a noise complaint. The owner of the park came out, inturuppted our set and told us we got a noise complaint. Chris went on to congratulate the crowd on the noise complaint and the owner (ex marine) yelled at Chris. Lol, that was bad."

7.If you were 'DARED' to do a cover of a Britney Spears song, which one would it be?
"Her entire discography. We jam to her all the time."

8.Who would be your dream band/artist to tour with?
"We couldn't come to a final answer. But we would create a tour with The Foo Fighters, Blink 182, and A Day To Remember."

9.What is the #1 song on your playlist right now?
"Satisfaction by Benny Benassi."

10. Favorite candy? :)
Mike-"Peanut M&M's"
Kevin- "Swedish Fish"
Brian - "Sour Patch Kids"
Chris - "Reese's Peices"

Thanks so much, we will see you @ Bombshell's on the 4th!

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April 9, 2012
Orlando Rocks April 7th @ House of Blues

This past Saturday (April 7th) @ The House of Blues, Shut Up and Dance took the stage and grabbed the audience's attention with their hybrid version of the pop/rock dance style that's a little on the addictive side of things especially their cover of 'Marry The Night' by Lady Gaga. Lead singer Jessi has a great stage presence and it is so exciting to watch her perform. Joey seems to have a veteran style that screams that he belongs on that stage. Sadly though it was Chad's (SUAD guitarist) last performance as part of the band... "We love you Chad"! You can catch Shut Up and Dance performing @ the Florida Music Festival on April 19th and with Chasing Thrill on May 4th @ 7pm inside of Bombshell's Tavern in Orlando!


Alternative Rock band Mr.Bella took the next set changing the mood of the room and the sound in the venue but keeping the excitment in the room consistent to SUAD as they engaged the audience adding to their rock solid performance they offer up a unique infused musical style even covering an unexpected 'Just Dance' by Lady Gaga but a very good unexpected.


You can catch our interview with Mr. Bella on HearThatTuneMusic.blogspot.com and MyLakeLibrary.org/teens

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March 13, 2012
Mr. Bella Interview

Mr. Bella... Can you introduce yourselves to our reader’s?
Erinmarie – Vocals

Amir – Bass/ back Vox

Joe - Percussion, “Joe Murphy drummer”

Noah – Guitar, I'm Noah, the guitar player. I grew up in Northern Virginia. I was an overweight kid who just played his guitar a lot. My home base has always been rock music, but I like pretty much anything organic -- including blues, jazz, country, classical, etc.

2. Mr. Bella, now who was behind this band name and what is the meaning behind it?

Erinmarie                                                                              “I guess I have to take responsibility for this lol. I happened to be studying French at the time I needed to come up with something quick. Since there are and were both guys and girls in the band I thought it was important to allude to that; so, Mr. Bella seemed to fit the part. Mr. for the guys, Bella for the girls…it was never supposed to stick but our first show was packed and starting over from that point just didn’t make sense…and the rest is history. “

Noah “There was this big sweaty guy who lived down the street when I was growing up. He used to come over and drink all my parents' beer. So we named the band after him. Just kidding.”
“Em, you really know the answer to this more, but I always say "we're the 'mr' and she's the 'bella'.”
“I believe Erinmarie named the band after an Italian Drummer killed at Pompei.”

3. Describe your style and sound in 2 words?

Erinmarie                                                                          “Aggressive melody”
“I can't”
“heavy but pretty....that’s 3 words...umm... heavy prettiness??”
“The ballz”

4. As a band how long have all of you been playing/performing together?

Erinmarie                                                                    “Well, the music scene is a crazy place! We’ve all been doing this for quite a few years…probably more than my lifetime if you were to combine all the experience.”
“I moved down to Florida in 2000 and was in other Tampa Bay bands when I met ErinMarie. My first show with Mr Bella was in early 2005.”
“too long lol.... me 11 years, noah since 2005 with break in between... ???”.”
“ten years”

5. If you had to convince someone to listen to your latest release who had never listened to you before what would you say?

Erinmarie                                                                            “I don’t waste my breath trying to convince people of anything. Freewill If you want to give us a shot – awesome, you won’t be disappointed. If not, that’s cool too – that’s why mainstream radio plays the same songs over and over and over and over…”
“Listen to this or I'll murder you. ~laughs I don't know. "Hey, wanna hear something?"
“It's a lot better than you think!”
“You are the last one on the planet who hasn't listened to it, Come on jackwagon !!!”


6. As a band Who is your greatest musical inspiration/influence?

“I don’t think that can be answered as a whole…we’re extremely diverse on our influences…to pick just one wouldn’t do us any favours.
For myself, I’d have to say Stevie Nicks, Raine Maida, Bif Naked and Alanis Morrisette…I think I REALLY found out what my voice could do after listening to her “Jagged Little Pill” album. That pushed me. Now, it’s a warm-up.”
“Each member is going to answer this differently. As a guitar player, I've been into a lot of different players over the years. I guess if I could only pick a couple guitar of players then I would mention SRV, Tom Scholz, Zakk Wylde, Gary Moore, and Ty Tabor as a few of my bigger influences. I guess a lot of bands influence me, but the ones who really inspire me are the ones who write stuff that's so dense (in terms of layering many tones, dynamics, odd time signatures, key changes, etc) that I have no choice but to listen, study, and learn. Those are bands like Structures, Textures, the Contortionist, Animals as Leaders, BTBAM, etc. I'm not always in the mood to listen to them, but there is a lot to admire about their music.”
“Varies between members.... too many to mention, but Brett Hestla really inspires me as a writer and composer.”
“All that Roxx”

7. What is your favorite venue to perform at in Florida?
Erinmarie                                                                       “Hey, I think we may all agree on this one! House of Blues! Not only is it a beautiful venue but it’s very comfortable experience for our fans as well and I think that’s important.”
“Tough question. I enjoy playing HOB Orlando a lot. They're really professional people to work with, and things tend to go smoothly because of their attention to detail. Plus it's a fairly large room and it's nice to see a lot of faces out there when you're playing. I liked Jannus Landing in St Pete too, because it's an outdoor setup with a cool vibe.”
“House of Blues Orlando”
“House of Blues”

8. What is the song you can’t get enough of at the moment? (each member)
Erinmarie                                                                           “I’m obsessed with “This is Halloween” as performed by Marilyn Manson at this particular moment – haha no, seriously though probably would have to be Dark New Day’s New Tradition album, I’m all over that album right now – don’t make me choose!!”
“Ugh, there are several. Lies of the Beautiful People by Sixx:AM, Fiend by Dark New Day, Coeur d'Alene by Alter Bridge, Buried Alive by Ready, Set, Fall. The list goes on and on but I'll stop there.”
Straightjacket by Dark New Day and My Valentine by Paul McCartney”
“Come to the next sow and I'll play it 4 you”

9.Favorite Junk Food? (each member)

Erinmarie                                                                             “I don’t eat junk. Ever.”
“I don't really eat junk food in the form of candy bars and things like that. I'm uncomfortable with how much I crave movie theatre popcorn, though. It's not reasonable.”

Mr. Bella is on Facebook

Thanks for the Interview, Now all of you can see Mr. Bella Live @ House of Blues Orlando on April 7th!

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February 27, 2012
Interview with reggae/hip-hop band 'I-Resolution'

Hey guys, your sound is a little unexpected with a cool underground feel for today’s punk/rock take over, but before I start picking you for details:

1. Can you introduce yourselves to our readers?
"Alex (Drummer), Ali(vocals, meladica,guitar), Jake (guitar lead), Mark(Bass)"

2. I-Resolution, who was behind this band name and what is the meaning behind it?
"Originally we thought about calling the band High Resolution, meaning you know in High Definition or very high quality. Then we decide to change High and replace it with the letter I- just to make it more reggae, more roots and culture."

3.If you had to describe your style and sound in 2 words what would you say?                                                             "Positive Energy"

4.As a band, how long have all of you been playing/performing together?
"We all came on at different times. I would say that the band has been in around for almost two years but this group of players a little under a year."

5. As a band who is your greatest musical inspiration/influence?
"A lot of influences, Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Steel Pulse, Sizzla, Buju Banton, and that’s just our influences from one genre."

6.If you guys had the opportunity to open for any artist of the past or present who would it be?
"Right now I would love to open up for Junior Gong and Nas."

7. What is your goal for this band?
"We want to tour, represent Orlando to the world, just spread good music."

8. What is the venue that you are most anticipating playing at one day?
"I’d love to play a big stadium in Japan, or Brazil."

9. What is the song you can’t get enough of at the moment?
Ali- Simi, "One of our songs."

Now to the questions that seem to matter the most:

10. What’s the most embarrassing song you turn-up and tell no one about?
Ali- "I love the theme song from the office, I blast that when it comes on."
11.Favorite Junk Food?
Ali- "Del Taco"

Thank you guys for the interview…


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February 16, 2012
Cooper Battle of the Bands 2012

Cooper Battle of the Bands will be held in Clermont inside Cooper Memorial on the Lake Sumter College Campus, May 5th from 2 - 4p.m.

You must sign-up before April 2nd

First Place- $300
Second Place-$200
Third Place-$100

The contest is open to rock, alternative, pop, or powerpop groups ages 13-20.  To enroll online send your name and your band info to Lisa P.
Subject “BOTB sign-up” lpiper@lakeline.lib.fl.us;

More details to come…

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February 10, 2012
Gone way too soon... Leslie Carter

For those of you that were raised by the 90's and the early millennium era like myself this is a sad event as pop singer and sister to teen idol Aaron and older brother Nick Carter of one of the biggest boy band's of all time died suddenly this past Tuesday in upstate New York.

Leslie was only 25 years old and had let the world into her life when she appeared on E! Reality Show, House Of Carters (before that thing we call Jersey Shore). Leslie will not only be missed by all the Carter fans, but she leaves behind her 9-month-old daughter Alyssa Jane, her husband Mike and of course her four siblings.

Vintage Leslie Carter :) in her 'Like Wow' Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFJcvxiUH_M

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January 17, 2012
The Cab stops @ The Social

Friday, January 20th @ The Social
Five bands - One awesome night!

The Cab
Las Vegas created rock/pop band, The Cab, released their first album Whisper War on April, 29th 2008, being called the "Band you need to know in 2008" by Alternative Press Magazine and featured in the list of the 100 bands you need to know in 2010.

Crowds loved the soulful/pop sound of their first single Bounce and following with a collaboration with the powerpop band from Florida Hey Monday with their song Take My Hand. Now with the band's fresh single Bad, off their sophomore album Symphony Soldier (out now), no one will be hungry for a catchy chorus you just wanna turn up a little too loud!

The Summer Set
Is an upbeat band that could probably make a cover of any random melancholy song sound like the summer song of the year! This powerpop/rock band was formed in 2007 in Arizona. Might I suggest a quick listen to their song Someone Like You.

Days Difference
A quaret from Virginia that seemed to go through some crazy and unexpected situations that tried to derail their musical journey. But the guys kept going and were signed by Universal Motown in June 2008, followed by Disney casting band members Jeremy, Jonathon, Micah, and Jeremiah to play Miley's backing band in the big screen make of Hannah Montana. Days Difference has toured with acts such as Plain White T's, All Time Low, We The Kings, and Cartel, and their single Speakers peaked at #25 on the AC chart and was featured on the 2011 season finale of the Vampire Diaries... wicked.

He Is We
Is the indie/pop duo from Tacoma, Wa. Consisting of Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly. Their first full length album My Forever was released in November 2010. You can check out the band's facebook page as they update with newest information.

Paradise Fears
Six friends from South Dakota are the ingredients for the band Paradise Fears. Winning the mid-west Battle of the Bands at which they were compared to " 'N Sync meets a UFC cage match". The band's debut full length album Yours Truly will be out soon...

For show and venue info go to : http://www.thesocial.org/event/89403/

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January 3, 2012
2012 Gives You a New Orlando Rocks!

Hello Music lovers and welcome to the best year yet! Wasting no time Sound Lounge presents the first Orlando Rocks of 2012 @ the House of Blues on Friday, January 6th inside Downtown Disney gathering together a highlighted collection of local alternative rock bands kick starting this EPIC new year! With music from one of the top 100 unsigned bands of ’08 Vega Under Fire, along with Waiting On Wonders and the winners of the 2011 Next Big Thing contest by XL106.7 Sound Express opening last year’s Red, Hot and Boom in Altamont Springs, long with chart toppers including Hot Chelle Rae and AllStar Weekend.  In addition you can catch performances by Of Valley’s and Kayavibe live.

Doors open @ 8:00pm and the show start’s @ 8:30pm.  This is an all ages show and tickets are $5 at the door.

Orlando Rocks info: http://www.houseofblues.com/tickets/eventdetail.php?eventid=72028

Sound Express: http://soundexpresstheband.com/

Vega Under Fire: http://www.purevolume.com/vegaunderfire

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December 2, 2011
XL 106.7's X-MAS Show

XL 106.7's X-MAS Show is back and bigger than ever before getting acts together and under the same roof that might otherwise never happen. Invading the Lake Buena Vista House of Blues on December 12th, 13th and 14th, with performances by Jason Derulo, Karmin, The Fray, the one and only Avril Lavigne, the indie/pop band The Cab (who hooked me 'Vegas Skies' and reeled me in with 'Bad'), former Fall Out Boy front man, Patrick Stump, with his new 'Soul Punk' sound (but for all those FOB fans 'long live the car crash hearts) as well as powerhouse Gavin Degraw and techno/alt dance band Cobra Starship, and Skylar Grey.

This line-up is sick, you have a wide varity of genres covered by some of the most talented artist of those genres! This will be EPIC!

For show details go to:http://www.xl1067.com/pages/xlentxmas2011.html

And I didn't forget; for your local music fix check out the winner of Orlano's Best band Alternative rockers A Brilliant Lie. http://www.facebook.com/ABrilliantLie.


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November 14, 2011
Interview with Set The Score

Set The Score is the pop/punk band hitting the scene out of Kissimmee, Fl.

"Hey it's Josh, I play guitar and do vocals." "I'm Hugo I play lead guitar."
"Hey I'm Cam and I play bass and we're in Set The Score!"

You guys are pretty young to have such a passion for what you're doing. How long have all of you been playing together?
(Josh) "We're are very passionate about what we do, we may be young but this is definitely what we love to do. We've been playing together for about a year, but we started Set the Score pretty recently."

Now, Set The Score where did that derive from? Is there a meaning behind it?
(Josh) "Set The Score came from hours of no sleep and an endless amount of messages between each other ha ha. We really wanted a name that described what we were about and its pretty much about how we try to set the score for music. We want to really impress people with what we do considering we are pretty young. We may be young but we definitely pack a punch ha ha!"

How do all of you balance performing and practice with school?
(Hugo) "School is a major priority so we start off with any work for school, and once we finish, that's when we head for 2 to 3 hours of practice."
(Josh) "Yeah, we work hard so that we can work harder for our fans... ha ha!"

Do you have a favorite place/venue the band has performed? And where is your fantasy performance venue?
(Josh) "I'd say so far our favorite place we've played is BackBooth in Orlando. It was a really great show for us, being able to get out there and play with some great bands. I would say though, we hope to play at the House of Blues one day. It's just one of those iconic venues. Every band plays there, and we've seen so many of our favorite bands play there. It would be great."

If you guy's could open for any touring band right now who would it be?
(Josh) "I would say All Time Low or Blink 182"
(Cam) "Gig Time Rush...haha"

#1 song on your playlist right now?
(Josh) "'Girls Do What They Want' by The Maine"
(Cam) "'The Enemy', by Anthrax"
(Hugo) "'Life is Just a Fantasy', one of the songs off of our EP."

What is your long term goal for 'Set The Score' and what can we expect from STS in the near future?
(Josh) "Touring the world is our long time goal, making music for everyone to hear, and just enjoying the world as people enjoy Set The Score. I'd say you can expect a lot of big things from us, because we have big plans for Set The Score!"

If you had to convince a crowd of your peers to come check out a STS performance for the first time what would you say?
(Josh) "I would say, theres probably tons of things you can do, but only one involves us and some great music! We won't disappoint you, we can assure everyone of that."
(Hugo)" You wont regret it, come and enjoy one awesome show"

Finally this question seems to always be a favorite, must have... candy?
(Josh) "I love anything Willy Wonka."
(Cam) "Crunch bar"
(Hugo) "Swedish Fish"

Thanks guys! You can check out STS live on December 10th at Miller's Ale House in Winter Park as they take part in this year's Winter Wonder Jam!  Mandi


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October 25, 2011
Trash to Fashion Hits the Runway

Saturday we gathered for the 2nd annual Trash To Fashion Runway Show at Cooper Memorial Library in Clermont. The contest featured unique displays of creative earth friendly designs from wonderful local designers. Our MC was the beautiful Lucienne Diver author of the Vamped series who, as always, did a fabulous job and kept the audience's attention from wavering.
 As any event there are changes and the scheduled performance from Gemeni was canceled, but where they failed to perform the comedy troupe The VaudeVillians stole the show with their 40's inspired improv comedy.  These talented actors kept the crowd laughing, and played their roles well. I will put a 'recommend' next to the VV. If you didn't make it to this year's T2F then catch them at the Clermont Moonlight Theatre.
 At the Photo Wall both contestants and show-goers could have their turn at the Trash to Fashion photo wall having pictures taken and printed on-site.  Participants not only of showcased their wonderful designs but also took an opportunity to be pictured with Lucienne and The VaudeVillians
 In the 11-15 age category Logan Covington walked away with the first place spot wearing a soda pop bodice with newspaper roll skirt and soda can belt. Second place winner was a group of designers which included Abbie Columbus, Summer Stilton and Taylor Stagg, who designed a coffee filter dress, newspaper belt and garbage bag with coke tab bodice.  The third place was Juliet Patterson who looked fantastic in a graduation gown sleeve skirt, tissue box belt and pipe cleaner necklace.
Our first place in the ages 16 to 25 category was Margeaux Graham with a wallpaper and table cloth dress with wallpaper flower accents.  Second place goes to Aubrey Covington with a trash bag bodice and water label skirt with origami accents. In third place was Cassandra Bell wearing a festive dress from recycled chip bags.
This was a wonderful event and again a thank you goes out to all our fantastic contestants and everyone that worked on this event and of course Cooper Memorial for allowing us to have the event for a second time in their facility.

Pictured are The VaudeVillains and moi!

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October 10, 2011
Live at the Plaza!

For the first time some awesome bands will be coming together performing live at the Plaza in Orlando on October 15th. It's a must-see concert! A Hero's Fate has aquired a large following since 2007 touring the US with their pop/punk style. Chasing Thrill has earned a spot at Taste of Chaos and the Warped Tour even scoring in the top 5 unsigned bands from SmartPunk.com with their powerpop/rock sound. Gemeni is the 5 piece alternative rock band giving a Gothic spin on their pop/rock sound with songs like 'Trapped' and 'Stake in the Heart'. This Orlando based band is fronted by twin sisters Gina and Lisa Gomez who will be performing acoustially at this years Trash to Fashion on October 22nd at Cooper Memorial.

A Hero's Fate: http://www.purevolume.com/aherosfate
Chasing Thrill: http://www.purevolume.com/chasing_thrill
Gemeni: http://www.reverbnation.com/gemeni


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September 7, 2011
Shut Up and Dance

Interview By:Mandi of Hear That Tune Music

1. Your style is really refreshing, how would you describe your sound?
"I would describe our song as a modern twist to the 80's songs we love so much."
2. Shut Up and Dance is very descriptive and a little demanding, I love it, How did you come to that phrase as your band name?
"Well, anyone who hangs out with us for more than a minute will instantly pick up on the fact that we are all huge movie buffs. One of our top favorites is Waynes World, and in Waynes World II, the concept of if you "book them, they will come" seems to present itself as the ongoing theme. At the end of the movie, Aerosmith shows up to save the day, and plays their hit song, Shut Up and Dance.
3. If you could only choose one song off you EP for a stadium of people to hear which track would it be?
"Definitely Believe In Us. Not only did we pick that track to represent the entire album, but it reminds all of us in Shut Up and Dance that we have dedicated so much of our lives to this project and to keep believing in ourselves along the way as we continuing to gain support from so many amazing people. The song itself is the one song we feel will remain with us as we continue to grow, timeless if you will. "
4. How long have all of you been playing together?
"Well the majority of the members have grown up in the same scenes whether it was playing in the same bands or taking the stage with each other and decided to come together to produce a style of sound we all could enjoy. The band that we play in today was finalized when Jessi Riese, lead vocalist, joined the roster earlier this year. "
5. If you could do a cover of any song what song would it be?
"We definitely have had numerous discussions about which song would be best and although the majority of them seem to be right up are alley, remixing some of our favorites classics of the 80's, sometimes covers get the best results from coming outta left field, and picking something that fans would not expect. Either way, we are soon to release a cover that we have agreed on and we think will get the reaction from our fans, but until the release, we are gonna keep it under wraps."
6. I was at the Ladies Rock show at The House of Blues on Aug.13th, if you were to go on a US tour which of those bands would you want to open for Shut Up and Dance? (Lilly and the Tigers, A Brilliant Lie, Dollface)
"Honestly, that was the first time we had to the chance to play with all three of these bands and that show for us was one of our favorites. It would be great to go on tour with any or all three of those bands."
7. What would be your dream venue/place to perform?
"We all have different opinions on this one as well, ranging from more nostalgic venues such as CBGB to a more intense arena atmosphere such as Radio City Music Hall, but one of our biggest goals is to make it overseas."
8. What has been your proudest moment as of now for Shut Up and Dance?
"The ability to play our hometown House of Blues multiple times is always surreal. Most any of the bands you'll ask will tell you that the moment the crowd sings your songs louder than yourself, is something you'll never forget."
9.*Fan choice* Favorite Fast Food? (each member)
Jessi- "Wendy's "
Joey- "Pollo Tropical"
Chad- "In and Out Burger"
Kyle- "Taco Bell"
Sean- "Chick-fil-a"
"So you can imagine how insane it is to agree on what to eat when we're on the road."
10. Any shout outs to your Central Florida Fans?
"Central Florida is our Hometown! We can't thank our fans and families enough for all the support we've received and the crowds definitely represent in Orlando."

Buy their NEW single "If you let me" on iTUNES now!

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August 15, 2011
Rock Pink at the House of Blues

This past Saturday was 'Rock Pink, Ladies Rock' at the House of Blues, an epic night of contagious dance and rock music by bands new and on the rise. The Orlando based 'Rock Pink' brings music and humanity together to raise awareness and support for local breast cancer programs. This fantastic event was hosted by WJRR's SupaDave!

I honestly came to see Shut Up and Dance, who may I mention did not dissapoint. From the moment the curtain opened the band kept the audience in a state of guesssing what may happen next, with their techno/rock beats sharing vocals between the contrasting tones of both male and female leads, I fully advise picking up their Brand NEW EP Believe in Us!

What I didn't expect was to come out of the venue as a fan of bands I had not even heard of before that night! Opening the night was pop/rock band Lily and the Tigers, infusing their sound with dance and club sounds. The different styles made a great mix! I will definitely see them perform again.

A Brilliant Lie did an awesome set and did not dissapoint, if you are unaware of this alternative/rock band you must look them up.

Now, the band that was such a complete surprise was Dollface, to be honest I didn't expect a lot with society's previous experiences with 'girl bands' but these tough rockers did more than break the mold they stole the whole show with their energetic perfomance and catchy melodies, a crazy combination of dance and rock with a creative delivery that I had not seen in an all female group. I'm clearly still caught in the the moment because their song We Can Dance Forever is undeniably stuck in my head only rivaled by the darkness in the song Mizery. For those of you in the Orlando area, you may already know of the lead singer Tiffany Martin, she is part of Monsters In The Morning 6 a.m.- 11 a.m. on Real Radio 104.1 WTKS.

So if your not already a fan of Shut Up and Dance go 'like' their facebook page NOW! And check out Lily and the Tigers along with Dollface!

Dollface http://www.wearedollface.com/index.html

Lily and the Tigers http://www.facebook.com/lilyandthetigers

Shut Up and Dance http://www.facebook.com/ShutupanddanceMusic

A Brilliant Lie http://www.facebook.com/ABrilliantLie

LCLS Teen Department
HearThatTune Music

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August 9, 2011
Battle of the Bands ...and the Winner Is...

Friday Night we gathered at the Wesley Center in downtown Clermont to watch as 5 of the best bands in Florida battled it out for $500 at the end of the Night!

Our guest emcee for the night was the beautiful Lucienne Diver, the best selling author of the young adult series, Vamped, and newly released Bad Blood, the first in the Latter-Day Olympians series.

Kicking off the night was the band Set The Score, followed by the guys of Fallback 16, then taking the stage was Radagun followed by the hard rockers of DeadBolt Revival and closing the night was a fun performance by the punk/rockers of Vagrant Undertow!

The night's big winners were announced by our emcee Lucienne Diver as 2nd place went to Vagrant Undertow and first place and winner of $500 was DeadBolt Revival!

With great bands; Set The Score, FallBack 16, Radagun, DeadBolt Revival and Vagrant Undertow the show had great music and sensational talent. And another BIG thanks to Chick-fil-a, Lake County Library System, Lake Front TV, First United Methodist Church and Lucienne Diver!

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July 25, 2011
Interview with 7 Months Later - House of Blues 7/23/11

7 Months Later, great name. Who came up with that and what exactly does it mean? Chris " It's just the story of how the band started, behind the scenes if you will, Adam over here asked me to be in a band with him and I was unsure about it at the moment, but about 7 months later we ended up becoming a band." Are you all originally from Orlando? "Yes...Yes"

How would you describe your sound? Adam "Mostly Alternative/Rock would be I think the best words to use, It's hard to generalize because we don't want to stereotype our music." As a band who is your biggest musical influences? "I think we have a lot of different influences, and one of us has a lot of different musical influences, but I mean we share some mutual ones probably Foo Fighters, Foo Fighters is a big one, probably Jimmy Eat World too, Yellowcard and Coldplay."

You guys did a Lady Gaga cover, now I must ask are you 'little monsters' or was Edge of Glory just a really good song to cover? "Well, It's popular... we're not Lady Gaga fans but when we heard that song it was kinda like well this is something more relevant than I feel that she's done and we felt like we could capitalize on that. I don't know give and ' edge' to it. Edge... of...Glory!"

How did you feel to be apart of Red, Hot and Boom's Next Big Thing Contest and any thoughts on the winners? Adam "Well Nick and I are friends with the front man of the band that won (Sound Express) so we know him and we were happy for him, Of course we wouldn't have minded winning." Chris "But if it's gonna be someone at least be someone were friends with."

If you could open for any artist touring right now who would it be? "Foo Fighters. They are playing pretty big shows."

Now HOB is one of my favorite venues, do you four have a favorite venue to perform? "House of Blues."

Ok, #1 song on your playlist right now? "Probably New ColdPlay and we've been listening to Joyride by There for Tomorrow."

Favorite snack/junk food? Adam, "White Cheddar Cheez-its;" David, "pretzel M&M'S;" Nick "Reese's Pieces; Chris "Popcorn."

Alright, any shout outs to your fans? "Thanks Mom...dogs, sister!" "Our fans really mean a lot to us and Thank You!"

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July 6, 2011
Lake County Battle Of The Bands 2011 ~ UPDATE!

For those of you that don't want to wait in-line the day of show to get your tickets, GOOD NEWS, you don't have to! You can get your tickets in advance through New Beginnings at The Wesley Center for only $5 and the tickets will be mailed directly to your house, Gotta love modern technology. But don't worry you may also purchase your tickets at the door for only $7.

For your added enjoyment you will be able to purchase T-shirt's and CD's from some of the band's including; The Real, FallBack 16, Set The Score and the band Radagun who will offer their posters for FREE yupp, I said FREE:)

Now one more bit of exciting information two of the band's performing; The Real and Set The Score are both in the running for the Ernie Ball 15 contest so scroll on over to their band profiles take a listen and VOTE! Then come see them live at The Wesley Center on Friday, August 5th @ 6p.m. Downtown Clermont!

Click here to vote for The Real for the Ernie Ball 15

Click here to Vote for Set The Score for the Ernie Ball 15

For Ticket Information:
(352) 404-6946

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June 1, 2011
Lake County Battle of the Bands 2011

Come Jam with some of the HOTTEST Central Florida bands at the Wesley Center, 950 8th Street in downtown Clermont, Friday, August 5th beginning at 6 p.m. Tickets are $7 and all proceeds will go towards the homeless/hungry in Lake County.

Featured bands include Set The Score, Fallback 16, Radagun, DeadBolt Revival, The Real and Vagrant Undertow competing for the $500 cash prize and title of BOTB winner! Don't miss this exciting night of Rock and Hope.

Radagun is a pop/punk rock band formed in California in 2008.The band now resides in Jacksonville, Fl. and was the featured band on Jacksonville.com. Their video 'Runaway' is available on Fuse on demand. Members Aimee Ortiz and Todd Low site musical influences from artist including The Beatles, Fiona Apple, Yellowcard and Incubus. Find them on iTUNES and at Radagun's Website (www.RadaGun.com)

The Real has performed along with Honor Society, Action Item as well as A Hero's Fate. When two bands from the same small town parted ways, ( Pathway to Providence and My Getaway) remaining members came together to create The Real. Their EP is due out on June 29th! You can check out Evan, Carson, Felipe, Wade and Sean this August 5th as well as on their Facebook and PureVolume Pages. www.PureVolume.com/TheReal

DeadBolt Revival is a Christian hard rock/rap band. Their sound is defined by the bands desire to deliver a God-inspired message that is powerful and direct. Their no nonsense approach to living a Christ-inspired life led them to write in-your-face lyrics that are meant to challenge the complacency of modern Christianity, and ignite revival throughout the Church.

FallBack 16 has come from garage band to the latest punks to hit the rock scene. They blend pop punk/alt rock with influnces spanning from Blink-182 to Smashing Pumpkins. Stay tuned for the latest demo from these guys that are ready to burst out of the underground scene!! www.facebook.com/pages/Fallback-16/135439753195871

Vagrant Undertow is a Florida pop/rock sensation! Coming out of Orange Park, the band has played venues including The Haven, Murray Hill Theater, various Charity events and has appearances on CW 17. The band has a fun youth mix of pop and punk reflecting a similarity to the great 'Blink 182' and the canadian punk hit makers 'Simple Plan'. Come see Justin, Brennan, Charles, Kevin, and Alex live! You can check out the band at: www.reverbnation.com/VagrantUndertow

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April 4, 2011
The Girls of Gemeni

Gemeni is a pop/rock band made up of twin sisters Lisa and Gina Gomez, Derek Campbell, Austin Browne, and Cameron Cunningham. The band's influences range from My Chemical Romance to Kelly Clarkson. These talented girls have been singing and performing since the age of 5 and have grown into amazing performers. Songs including Trapped and Stake in the Heart, showcase the bands amazing talent and musical versatility.

You can catch the full band of Gemeni performing at Club 57 West this month as part of the Florida Music Festival and hit their ReverbNation page to listen to the bands latest tracks. http://www.reverbnation.com/gemeni

As part of the 8th annual Festival of Reading on April 8th, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the Mount Dora Community Building you can see Lisa and Gina performing acoustically throughout the night at the Author's Reception 'Dying to Meet you'!

This is a free show so don't miss an amazing opportunity to see these talented twins!

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March 18, 2011
Vagrant Undertow

The talented punk/rockers Justin Cran, Brennan Doane, Charles Woody, Kevin O'Connor and Alex Whiddon performed this past Wednesday at the Lake Front TV studio as part of the Festival of Reading, Murder, Mystery and Mayhem promo. These musicians have the personality and musical ability to be compared to punk greats 'Blink 182', 'Sum 41' and 'Simple Plan'.

Coming from Orange Park Fl, their past performances include the Haven and The Pit (Brewsters)... in Jacksonville Beach, FL. They have appeared on CW 17 and were headliners for the 2011 the Shriners Chili Cook off and The Donna Deegan “Race for the Cure” Marathon. Upcoming performances include the Murray Hill Theater in Jacksonville and Middleburg High School.

These talented musicians have many different musical backgrounds, and appeal to a large range of people. They love playing shows and meeting new fans. Come out and meet Vagrant Undertow on April 2nd @ 12:30pm as they rock the Leesburg Public Library!

To read more about the band or listen to their latest tracks browse on over to http://www.reverbnation.com/vagrantundertow#!

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February 14, 2011
Christina Perri

A couple of nights ago I was streaming the radio through my computer, actually not paying much attention to the techno hypnotic beats that seemed to have taken control of the airwaves, when I was struck back to reality by this deep almost tragic melody. I turned the volume high to hear what was coming to life through my speakers.

Jar Of Hearts by the indie rocker Christina Perri was the title, so I decided to take a listen to more of her music. I found this beautiful 23 year old is a massively talented singer/songwriter who has dabbled in almost everything from making olive oil in Italy to holding the position of excutive producer creating music videos and commercials. She even worked as an assistant to a rock band for a short time.

Bill Silva Management who represents Jason Mraz as well as James Morrison signed to represent Christina when a video of one of her original edgy compositions Tragedy caught their attention. Jar of Hearts aired on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance as a background to a memorable piece choreographed by Stacey Tookey which sent it into the Top 10 on the iTunes Pop chart.

A musical style that's softer than Alanis Morissette but rougher than Sara Bareilles, flowing lovely revenge through the song Bang Bang Bang and Daydream being the perfect soundtrack when your heart is wandering. With music that is so raw and organic, so relatable I will have to say I really appreciate an artist such as Christina. She has created such imperfectly beautiful music.

Christina Perri will be on tour this Spring/Summer hitting different parts of the U.S

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January 19, 2011
Boy Bands are coming... BACK!

2011 seems to have set the stage for the resurrection of the 'Boy Band' with 'New Kids On The Block' and 'Backstreet Boys' uniting on a summer tour. They have combined to form one super band on the NKOTB BSB Tour. We caught a preview during their ABC 'Rockin Eve' performance in New York.

But is there yet another famous 'boy band' rebirth coming in 2011? Online reports are consistently saying the O-town reunion is on its way. The guys were originally chosen on the ABC/MTV reality show 'Making The Band' in 2000, before the band split they had been held in comparison as the 'next' Backstreet Boys with hits 'Liquid Dreams' and 'All or Nothing' (covered by Westlife).

Erik-Michael, Dan, Trevor and Jacob are said to back in the studio, and no, I didn't forget the fifth member, Ashley Parker Angel who has as of now turned down the offer to focus more on a stable acting career.

So get your 'I heart O-town' poster back out, your BSB lunch box and tell your older sister to get her NKOTB Tiger Beat issue out of the attic, cause we're all about to turn 13 again!

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December 27, 2010
Kicking Daisies wins Disney's "Next Big Thing"

Kicking Daisies is the newest edition to the Disney alumni after winning the 2010 N.B.T (Next Big Thing) contest sponsored by Radio Disney. The prizes include a record contract and once in a lifetime promotional opportunities. This band is definitly not what you think of when 'Disney' gets brought up in a conversation. These four Connecticut teens broke the mold by bringing an alternative/punk rock vibe to Radio Disney.

I had the opportunity to see the band open for AllStar Weekend this past Saturday in Celebration, Fl. During the first song I could see how different they were from the manufactured pop clone and actors turned singers. Lead guitarest Ben wowed the crowd when he used his tongue to rock his guitar on his solo. Drummer Caitlin currently holds the title of "World's Fastest Drummer" in the female division, amazing us with a skill that was so far beyond her years. Rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist Duran was an absolute blast to watch with great vocals! And the calm and adorable Carly showed off her talent on bass and vocals.

This is a band you need to hear if you love the sound of Paramore, Hey Monday, Press Play or Simple Plan, you will love Kicking Daisies. So request 'Keeping Secrets' on your local radio! www.kickingdaisies.com

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November 23, 2010
Kadesh: New Album Coming...

Kadesh, a local Lake County Christian Rock band returns from Nebraska with a finished record that will be ready to release in early 2011 and will be available on iTUNES and Amazon.

The energetic and uplifting trio consists of Lake County musicians Aaron Holmes, Ryan Edwards and Stephen Troesch who call their musical style 'Hopeful Rock'. If you have your playlist filled with songs by Switchfoot, One Republic and 30 Seconds to Mars odds are good you'll be listening to their music on YouTube until the new album is released!

For those of you in the area, check out Kadesh performing Sunday November 28 @ Northpoint Fellowship in Umatilla, Fl. They will also appear on December 12th @ Trinity Evangelical Free Church in Eustis, Fl.


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October 27, 2010
Chad Fernandes: To compete on Voice of an Angel

Talented musician singer/songwriter, with his current single 'Undeserving' from his EP 'One Step Closer' who has performed at the HTT music series along with the Minneola Artsfest, Urban Flatts at the Villages and The Haven, as well as one of our judges for the'Trash to fashion' design contest at Cooper Memorial Library, will be appearing on the hit television show Voice of an Angel in late November as one of the top 12 semi-finalist to air on Fox affiliates.

You can learn more about the competition at www.EcounterWithGod.com/angel and www.Myspace.com/ChadFernandes


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October 18, 2010
Bruno Mars: Doo-Wops and Hooligans

Bruno Mars is the stage name for singer-songwriter, producer and instrumentalist Peter Hernandez. This 25 year old Hawaii native collaborated with the hip-hop star B.O.B on "Nothin' On You'"and with Travie McCoy on the hit 'Billionaire' as well as co-wrote Flo Rida's "Right Round" and K'naan's "Wavin' Flag".

With his Debut album Doo-Wops and Hooligans'you get a twist of R&B and classic pop charm. The album seems effortless, as he showcase's in his first single '"Just the Way You Are", as if it
just falls into place. I love the salute to the classic's that are hidden in these songs. To me he has a modern "Rat Pack" quality. This is definitely a fantastic album with a tune for all of you. Pick it up now at Target.


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August 31, 2010
A Summer Scene

A Summer Scene is breaking the doors down of powerpop music. There's no way to over look them. Still unsigned, they have grasped their sound, and despite their youth they have a solid beat. Their background is similar to that of Forever The Sickest Kids and Mercy Mercedes with vocals following behind those of Alex of All Time Low.

With their current EP, Story For Your Friends, you can hear the potential that each member possesses to continue in this genre of music, to not only stay, but excel. With powerpop dance floor tunes like Now or Never and Summer Nights and City Lights take a few seconds and check these guys out!


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August 3, 2010
Every Avenue

Formed in 2003 out of Marysville, Michigan and signed to Fearless Records in 2007, Every Avenue mixes the strong flavors from punk-rock grunge of the 90's with powerpop from today's top emo/rock sounds.

Their first full length album Shhhh...Just go with it was released in 2008 and ranked number 27 in the US Billboard's HeatSeekers. Touring with bands such as Hit the Lights, Farewell, Mayday Parade, All Time Low, andThe Maine,  the band made their first trip to the UK in January 2009, being the opening act for Boys Like Girls. Appearing on the Vans Warped Tour they received more than 150,000 downloads of Where were you on Mark Hoppus' "Hi My Name Is Mark" blog on iTunes.

Every Avenue was one of the bands that opened on the Alternative Press Tour 2010. I had the opportunity to attend the show at Orlando's House of Blues with headliner NeverShoutNever.  The crowd, myself included, had such a crazy time when they took to the stage. I started hearing the first few lyrics of Where were you and I looked around to see everyone singing and jumping high as they could! I would definitely see them again!

With songs like Tell me I'm a wreck, Girl Like That and Mindset this band is the perfect soundtrack for your hot summer days!

The band's latest album Picture Perfect is available on iTUNES and they are currently headlining the Rock YourSelf to Sleep Tour by Motel 6.



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July 6, 2010
Friday Night Fever

Friday Night Fever is a Pop/Rock band blasting out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Formed from the remains of the two unsigned bands, Forever in a Day, and Saving Litchfield, they have a contagious sound and charismatic stage performances. It's really not hard to figure out why these guys are progressing so quickly in the music world.

Performing at various Bamboozle shows with PowerPunk Band Forever the Sickest Kids with current songs from the EP like "Glamour Kills", they offer something you really don't hear often in today's bands. Harmonizing, with melodies and utilizing lyrics that make you smile a little every time you hear a song and with such an infectious pop beat. A "Summer" song! as well as the popular "She felt like destroying something beautiful" are great examples. I could compare this to All Time Low, but it would not be accurate because on their tracks the vocals are much stronger. These alternative rock tunes catch you the moment the tracks start.

Friday Night Fever has been featured and praised by Alternative Press Magazine, Absolut Punk, The Daily Chorus, and PureVolume.com top new music chart. I had the opportunity to interview the guys, and besides being a blast to speak with they are filled with dedication and ambition. They also agreed to give us a signed band T-shirt to go with the article.

You can find FNF on YouTube, Facebook, Myspace.com/FNF and ITUNES. As FNF puts it; "This is one fever you can't sweat out" Remember to request Friday Night Fever on your local radio stations so the band can get greater circulation of their music!


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May 25, 2010
Trading Voices

Trading Voices is a project by J Minus drummer Dylan, who brings a sound that's raw and organic, a cool combination of The Wreckers and Corinne Bailey Rae. The band features female vocalist and songwriter Taylour Chanel as well as vocalist Bee Simonds out of Washington state. The lyrics have a melody all by themselves, they are beautiful yet relatable, the girls voices mesh so well with the lyrics and background music. I actually enjoyed listening to this band. You can hear their tracks on http://www.myspace.com/tradingvoicesmusic Trading Voices album is available on iTunes.

Also check out the Indie/Alternative band J Minus at www.JMinus.com Mixing sounds together you may associate with Death Cab for Cutie and Augustana's vocals.  The Seattle based band consists of Trevor ( vocals, keys), Chris (vocals, guitar) Dylan ( drums) , Matt ( guitar) and Myer ( bass). The collection of styles and personalities seems apparent in their sound, which is a plus in today's carbon copied musical styles of more recent bands.


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May 4, 2010
Alexx Calise

I was asked to review a pop/rock album and I was a little unsure of what I was going to hear because I hear so many replicas of artist Orianthi, Rihanna so on and so on.

What I have to say is Alexx got right what Ashlee Simpson attempted a few years back ( yes before the "BitterSweet World" and "I Am Me" album") and Lesile Roy tried with Unbeautiful.

By fusing so many genres in this album there is literally almost a song for every type of listener. "See You again" feeding those pop/rock lovers, "Anything Goes" curving those that fall more towards the electronic club tunes... like Ke$ha, "Break Me" one of my favorite songs on the album, pop/rock and full of attitude! "Cry" a slower beat but able to showcase more of Alexx's rough but beautiful vocals, I really enjoy this song.

Now for these next three songs I'm going to have to say "Move over Halestorm" because "Get Used to It", "Good Enough" and "Saying Goodbye" caught my attention more than any Halestorm song has.

I love that Alexx's lyrics you can actually think about, lyrics you can relate to, more than a cheesy four letter word continually repeated... Thank You for replenishing the world with some music from a strong, confident female artist whose song's actually have substance.

Alexx is a rock singer/guitarist/songwriter based out of Los Angeles Ca. but originally from Fort Lauderdale Fl. Her new album is "In Avanti" produced by Grammy nominated
producer Luigie Gonzalez.

With songs in heavy rotation on several MTV and VH1 shows, featured in Blender Magzine and Guitar World, having 100,000 downloads in five days on Bit Torrent site and FrostWire.com  and circulating on thousands of different charting radio stations, and with her song "Morning Pill" in a One Tree Hill promo... this girl is going far fast.

Check out her new song "Break Me" and tell the Orlando Hit station 106.7 and Rock 101.1 to Play Alexx Calise!


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April 26, 2010
The AP Tour 2010 at HOB Orlando

The AP Tour 2010 at HOB Orlando
The Summer Set, There for Tomorrow, Every Avenue, The Cab, NeverShoutNever

Sunday April, 18th 2010 was one of the biggest shows at House of Blues this year as of yet with the AP Tour and headlining artist NeverShoutNever. Getting to an already formed line at 2:30 in the afternoon outside the House of Blues I realized it was going to be a long afternoon when by 3:30pm everyone's clothes were drenched in rain and our umbrellas were doing a horrible job of keeping anyone dry. By 5:30 the line stretched nearly the entire length of the West Side section of DownTown Disney, both wet and excited we started to move slowly around the venue until I was submerged in the middle of a pit crowded with youth wanting to hear some great music.

At the first sound of drums behind the legendary HOB curtain's the crowds' screams began to grow larger and the curtain swung open to reveal the upbeat band The Summer Set who played a fun set and I must say being a girl I love the fact that they have a female drummer rocking the stage , I don't see that very often.

Now Hey Monday was the next band lined up to perform but as all the opening acts are subject to change the band There For Tomorrow played in place. The lead singer showcased his love of the stage and his skill with the guitar as well as a great set from the whole band. But something
interesting I noticed about this lead singer was when I looked around I noticed the majority of the audience screaming over him had wrist bands on (over 21). hmmm:)

Next was the punk/rock band Every Avenue who was personally my favorite of the three bands that had performed so far. They got the crowd going crazy when the band performed "Where Were You" and the lead singer let completely loose when he crowd surfed and climbed in the pit.

The Cab with lead singer Alex De Leon was such a cool calm artist with such smooth vocals that the crowd was wild for every song the band performed from "Vegas Skies" to "Bounce". The song "One of those Nights" had some company when lead singer to The Summer Set lent his voice to part of the infectious song that had the crowd lifting people up so they could crowd surf, which worked out for them because they were dropped at the front of the stage where Alex jumped down into to the crowd, so they got a very good view...

It's getting later and everyone is severely pumped and impatiently awaiting for the curtain to reopen one final time when we start hearing the strums of an acoustic guitar behind the curtain and the sudden wave a screams began to crash in to the pit getting louder and louder until the curtain pulled away to reveal the ball of energy known to all of us as NeverShoutNever. Christopher Drew rocked the house with his indie/pop vibe and "What is Love" is still stuck in my head! I ventured upstairs where the merchandise was being sold and endless Wonka candy (yum:) when my friend grabbed my arm and dragged me to the exit of HOB where I noticed the lead singer of The Cab (Alex De Leon) stood talking to fans and taking photos, unfortunately my
camera was ill that night, but at least I can say I got a hug from the lead singer of The Cab.

I left the House of Blues really loving the experience I had and the music I heard. Of The night my favorite performance was The Cab and NeverShoutNever!!!!

Sponsored by: RockStar Energy Drink, Wonka, Glamour Kills, Music Saves Lives

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February 25, 2010
The Royal and Mr. Fyner

Isn't it crazy when something is stamped 'in'you can't run from seeing it everywhere you turn! Well it's the same in music, when a certain sound is popular it's as if every striving artist is stuck in that save zone of similar melodies and tones. I love to hear music that grabs my attention really makes me listen like the Orlando band The Royal Streaming with amazing possibilities mixing classical with a cohesive collaboration of alternative rock grasping your ear in just the first 30 seconds of the song Timelinetime,which you can hear on the bands myspace. www.myspace.com/theroyal The Orlando band is made up of Chris on vocals as well as guitar and cello, Bradley on guitar,Kyle on keys and synth, Joel on drums and percussion, and Allen doing vocals and guitar. strong>Mr. Fyner and the Tech Ed Room,
This is a new punk rock band out of Wilmington, Ma.The guys of Mr Fyner are Buck on vocals and guitar,Dalton on drums, Vic on Synth and JB on bass. Their New EP Make friends with a Bear is available on iTUNES and you can check them out at www.Myspace.com/mrfyner

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January 25, 2010
I Am Vassal

1. As an acoustic artist is there one particular artist/band you look up to or find inspiration from?
"I really look up to Bright Eyes and Death Cab For Cutie. They both have such depth to they're lyrics and are so musically talented. I guess you could say they are my biggest inspiration."

2. You play guitar, are you self-taught?
"I am sort of self taught. My dad helped at first, but after awhile I just kinda took it and ran with it."

3. What is the meaning behind 'I am Vassal'?
"In the Medieval times when a peasant owed something to a noble they become a servant to their noble lord. They were then called a Vassal. I feel like I am a servant to my lord so I Am Vassal."

4. Do you play any other instruments?
"I can play piano or synth, bass, harmonica, drums, mandolin, banjo, and ukulele. I taught myself all of them, but I am best at guitar, bass, uke and piano."

5. What genre of music do you consider yourself?
"I don't really think genres are important. Music is a form of expression and you shouldn't classify that into different things. I wouldn't want to attract just a group that likes 'indie'' or 'acoustic' music. I want to attract people that like just music in general."

6. How would you describe your sound?
"The sound of my music is calm I guess. It is something you can listen to when you are just relaxing. I try to not make it boring, but not like full of energy, so I guess it is just relaxing."

7. What is one artist/band you would love to see in concert this year?
"I would love to see Death Cab if they do a tour."

8. What is your hope to accomplish in music?
"I just hope I can reach people with my lyrics. I want people to be able to relate to the words I sing. I would love to go as far as I can with it and if it happens then awesome, but if not then I will always use it for a way to get my emotions out."

9. What is your “Theme'' song right now?
"hmm... I honestly have no idea."

10. Where is your dream place to perform?
"I don't really have a single place I would love to perform. I guess I would like to play shows at like a House of Blues, but other than that there's no specific place."


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January 14, 2010
The GoodNight Anthem and The Honesty

The GoodNight Anthem

Just in time for spring comes some new, lively and satisfyingly punk/rock music. Out of Philadelphia with influences including MatchBox 20 and Third Eye Blind comes the band The GoodNight Anthem. They have been featured on “Absolute Punk” and the “Daily Chorus”, with songs played on the MTV shows “Next” and “Parental Control’.

With members Tony (vocals/guitar), Joe(guitar), Max (drums), and Ben (bass) making their way on tour amidst such groups as Mercy Mercedes, they will be performing in Florida around late spring. Their current EP is “Nights to Know You” The Deluxe Edition contains eight songs
including my personal favorites “Forgetting how to feel” and “American Movie”. The Goodnight Anthem's EP is currently available at select Hot Topic Stores and iTUNES. To hear The GoodNight Anthem just visit their MySpace at www.Myspace.com/thegoodnightanthem

The Honesty

The Honesty presently consists of Tasha Gilbreath as lead vocalist and Mikey Davis on drums. The band has only been in existence since September, 2009 and plan to expand to a 5 member group. They are from Baltimore, MD and have a catchy new wave sound putting a cool spin on the lead female rock groups today. Besides being beautiful, Tasha also mixes sweet and edgy vocals similar to Hayley from the award winning Alternative rock band Paramore and Cassadee of Hey Monday.

"We set out for a sound different to our scene." said vocalist Tasha who, along with Mikey, is recording their future debut EP. To check out The Honesty's debut song “Intentions” go to www.MySpace.com/honestyrock.

Happy 2010 Music Lovers


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December 28, 2009
Fall Concert Series Finale

We closed the first Fall Concert Series on Saturday, December 19th 2009. Starting the show off was Broadway bound Bethany Burnette, whose huge voice was wonderful for the holiday classics she performed, warming up the audience and giving everyone the feel of the season. Bethany closed her performance with one my favorite holiday songs "Where are You Christmas" from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Our next artist was the talented and beautiful Briana Waldorf accompanied by her rock'n guitarist Ali. Briana had a wonderful sense of performing and although she had lost her voice on the previous day, she still achieved a great set. She sang along side the acoustic guitar, then taking the guitar herself playing big radio hits by Katy Perry and Colbie Caillat. This personable artist took the time to sign each CD she gave us and took pictures with everyone.

You can buy Briana's debut single "My World" on iTUNES...

View Photos from the Concert





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November 20, 2009
Between the Trees and Jonas Sees in Color

Between The Trees

With the holiday season rushing in and nothing seeming to slow down, I've recently found the car radio to be my greatest companion. Turning up the volume a few weekends ago I heard an indie/rock sound streaming through the speakers. What I was hearing was a raw performance by Orlando's indie/rock band Between the Trees. Formed in 2005, the members include Ryan Kirkland on Vocals/Guitar, Josh Butler on drums and Jeremy Butler on bass.

The band appeared on the Vans Warped Tour and is currently touring with Mercy Mercedes and Dangerous Summer. They were also one of Alternative Press “100 band's you need to know”. Their second and newest album entitled Spain was released on August 11, 2009. I highly recommend you pick this CD up, but if you’re lacking cash at the moment, don't worry just check their music out on their MySpace page. When you're able spend your cash, but it! Artists need to eat too! Check out their myspace account: http:www.myspace.com/BetweenTheTrees

Jonas Sees in Color

I will have to say, just the title of this band made me a little curious to hear their sound. They describe the meaning behind the title by saying "Our name is basically a metaphor.
In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, the main character lives in a black and white world. When he is chosen to take on the responsibility of the hopes, thoughts, and feelings of his entire village, he finally begins to see in color."

The band comes from Greensboro, NC with members John, Jonny, Meagan Beth, Mikey, Owens, and Ryan. Their full-length album hit iTUNES, Amazon, and BestBuy.com on September 29th. Their sound is similar to This Providence, The Academy Is and Cartel. Check this rock/pop band out on their MySpace account. http://www.myspace.com/jonasseesincolor


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October 26, 2009
Inner Youth Rocks at the Library

Saturday, October 24 2009 was the date of the first rock band Inner Youth to jam at 'Rock at the Library' held at Cagan Crossings Community Library in Clermont! In my opinion it was a complete success, almost every visitor that came into the library had to ask who the 'great' band was playing and had to stop in and take a listen. At 1pm we had a crowd of fans waiting outside for the band but due to some unexpected issues we did not get the show in full swing until around 1:40pm. Regardless, the audience and library visitors had nothing but positive feedback for the band.

Marcus was on vocals and guitar, Javi was on the bass guitar. Not only is he humble and amiable, he rocked the bass! Mike was our drummer, and seemed to be full of cool energy.
Everyone who walked in couldn't help but notice, and it also helped that he was an awesome musician!

After the show Javi, Mike and Marcus stayed to take photos with fans that had came to watch them perform. You can see those photos on the LCLS events photo gallery as well as photos of the band.

To catch this wicked band keep updated on their myspace page and even send them a message to see if they are performing a show not listed! www.Myspace.com/InnerYouth

Thank You Mike Dinkins for all the help! As always thank you to Ms Judy Buckland and the Lake
County Library System for allowing me to put the series on!

Photos taken by: Tammi



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October 13, 2009
Friday Night Fever

If you haven't already seen the fliers, on Saturday, October 24th Orlando's own Inner Youth will be having a jam session at the Cagan Crossings Community Library. The show starts at 1 p.m. with free admission. Sounding similar to bands Rise Against and Angels and Airwaves with a hint of Nirvana. Don't Miss these guys! MySpace.com/InnerYouth

FNF or Friday Night Fever, five guys I stumbled upon and noticed their sound is complete “car tunes”! You know that music you turn up way too loud and sing out of tune 'cause it makes you feel good! A mix of Forever the Sickest Kids and Sum 41.

This powerpop/rock band from Fort Wayne, Indiana was formed from the remains of Saving Litchfield and Nothing Less. FNF has already been featured in Alternative Press Magazine, Substream Magazine, Absolute Punk, The Daily Chorus.They made it to number 1 as unsigned band on PureVolume.com.

At the moment the band needs $1000 to get to Texas performances, so if you can, buy their songs on iTunes.com/ FridayNightFever.You can also donate if you wish, to the band at their PayPal account fnfmebaby@gmail.com. Let them know your name if you donate and possibly you could be listed on their album's “Thank You's”.

There is a statement on their myspace I came across that I really liked “This is one fever you can't sweat out!"

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October 5, 2009
Leesburg Library Concerts

This past Saturday, Sept.26th, was the first date of the Lake County Library Concert Series in Leesburg. Being the first show at a venue and area I'm not truly familiar with, I didn't know what to expect. There were unplanned location swaps and a frenzied race to get proper equipment in the heated afternoon and a massive hope for a bigger audience.

When the artist began to perform it seemed well worth the efforts.Our first performer was lovely Nikki Goodrich, one of the most kind-hearted female artists I have met in a very long time. Nikki's voice was pure and crisp as she sang. I really enjoyed Ms Nikki!

Our second performer was Chad Fernandes a wonderfully amiable and talented artist with a powerful voice. Very enjoyable to watch!

Finally we had Sean Evan, with a guitar strapped across him and standing in front of the microphone he had a great personality and humorous attitude. Sean was an amazing rock vocalist and an insanely accomplished guitarist. He was so much fun to watch perform!

Now the one amusing thing about being behind a show and not in it, is you get to see performers personalities towards each other and their unexpected situations. And I have to honestly say these were an awesome trio of artist each showcasing a different genre of music, with a great love for what they do and respect for their fellow artist.

I have to give a huge thanks to the Leesburg Library for allowing
the event and to Mss Judy Buckland, Jessica Luby and Jacob Starks for all the help with the crazy show!

Let’s spread the word for the next show, these remarkably talented musicians need a much bigger crowd!!!

Amand Paige
September 28th 2009
Leesburg Library Concert Series


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September 10, 2009
Happy September Music Addicts!

I could spend time asking how your summer went but the answer is "It was too short and now I have too much homework!" So since we have that out of the way let me introduce you guys to a uniquely talented acoustic artist. Those of you that have heard of him will understand when I say I'm out of words...- 'NeverShoutNever'.

This is the alias of nineteen year old Christofer. His big exposure came... yes, from the internet. A big thanks to MySpace! He began performing as 'NerverShoutNever' in September 2007.

He toured alongside big names such as The Cab, Mercy Mercedes, We the Kings and Forever the Sickest Kids on the Wonka Tour that made a stop at the Lake Buena Vista House Of Blues! This one of a kind big heart artist admires all his fans and takes time to acknowledge them! No matter the emotion he probably has a song to accompany you...I really enjoy 'liarliarpantsonbackwards' and 'I just laugh' NeverShoutNever is available on itunes now! myspace.com/NeverShoutNever

Linden, is a very talented group of singers and musicians coming out of Wisconsin. The group says Linden came from a song they each enjoyed, 'An Oak tree stands beside a Linden' from one of the group's favorite bands “I can make a mess like nobody's business''. Consisting of Kara on vocals, Casi on Keys/vocals and Steven on bass. The vocals of Linden are similar to a less hash not as hard VersaEmerge with musical styling similar to The Morning Of, Meg and Dia and pop's Kate Voegle.

Linden is currently in the studio working on their full length record! You can purchase their EP 'The Future Is...' on either itunes or the bands merchandise store at linden.bigcartel.com! I really enjoyed 'Attached' and 'reflections' which are posted on their MySpace.... Linden is a great pop band headed for a ranking in America’s top 40 countdown! myspace.com/Linden

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July 14, 2009
It's Red, Sweet and Indie...

Meeting here again...

Maybe you guy's found your way to Crane's Roost for 'Red, Hot and Boom' this year to rock out the 4th with artist; Hey Monday, We the King's, Parachute and a band known as The Cab!

Originally from Vegas, a Decaydance artist, that I actually reviewed in full in the January '09' issue of the Today's Teen Newspaper. But for those who have no idea what I'm talking about or just forgotten what you've read, The Cab is one of
my favorite new bands. Combining alternative rock and classic pop making songs like 'Bounce' and Rihana's 'Disturbia' come to life. Especially, my choice 'That's 70's Song'!  The Cab is now embarking on their headlining tour 'What happens in Vegas' coming to Orlando's Social on July 31st.

Myspace is great, especially when you stumble (or maybe someone recommends) a really great local artist...

For example a lovely girl by the name of Briana Waldorf.
Her sound is pure pop, and in today's crazy world Briana is a wonderful role model for girls, something rare in a lot of artists today. If you have Jordin Sparks on your ipod playlist, then you'll love Briana Waldorf. She is currently in the studio, and her debut single 'My World' is now available on Itunes!

Now, how many of you are fans of John Mayer, The Fray or Death Cab for Cutie, who are all successful musicians and song writers? If that's a yes or even a maybe then check out Indie/Rocker Jeremiah Lloyd. Beside's having talent on the guitar and as a song writer, he's already collaborated with other Myspace
artist and performed at Venues like The Social and Backbooth. The song's 'You Never' and 'Dear Explorer' listed on his Mypace are pretty good and show he has a lot more ideas about music.

Check Jeremiah out at: http://www.myspace.com/JeremiahLloyd

'Till Next Time,
Happy Summer

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June 16, 2009
Artist vs Poet, Let's Get It! and Who's David Garrett?

Hello Everybody,

June giving you a sunburn yet?
Alright, like I said let’s talk about Artist vs. Poet. A five member band out of Dallas, TX lead singer Tarcy Thomason originally posted a MySpace bulletin announcing his desire to start an acoustic project and the first reply was from the now guitarist/ vocalist Craig Calloway. Recently signed to Fearless Records, this Do- It -Yourself band doesn't lack charisma.

Their sound blends in to the hundreds of other punk/alternative bands. When I listen the tune isn't stuck in my head for the next hour. I think Artist Vs. Poet has a lot of potential but for the time they don't have a memorable sound just yet. 'Runaway' is a punky pop song yet I think the band is still missing something. They are good but not yet addicting!

Now, I came across a unique group also signed to Fearless Records who is both creative and striving to make something new and original. Mixing club pop/punk and R&B the band 'Let's Get It' is similar to 'Forever the Sickest Kids' and 'Usher' with instrumental styling similar to that of 'Fall Out Boy' as in their song 'Duck Duck Grey Goose' which is my favorite. www.PureVolume.com/LetsGetIt
Vocalist Joe Gilford recently said "Sometimes our music scene feels like it all just runs together. We really like what people have been saying about us. We think our music is something you haven't heard yet."

This band has great potential, if you like club pop/punk and R&B you will have to go see 'Let's Get It' when they are performing at The Social on June 28th. Have Fun!

David Garrett 
Defiantly not the typical and definitely not what I've been writing about, bringing a pop/rock twist to the music that most of you probably ignore...David, a pop/rock violinist from Germany, is erupting in the states.
David Garrett, yes performs beautiful classical pieces, but I was caught by his cover of pop and rock legends like AC/DC, Michael Jackson even Metallica and Queen.  My favorite is his cover of 'Smooth Criminal' by Michael Jackson.

Take a listen at http://www.last.fm/music/David+Garrett/_/Smooth+Criminal?autostart

As said by BBC Music Magazine"David Garrett is already the stuff of legends – in him is enshrined an entire corpus of virtuoso violin art, expounded with a fearsome beauty beyond comprehension."
In case anyone wants to know, David will be in the 2010 Guinness Book of World Records, as the fastest performance ever of the 'Flight of the Bumblebee' clocking in at an amazing '66 seconds'. This artist is an addiction and filled with talent, he will be performing at the Hard Rock Live on October 6th, and yes you might just see me there...http://david-garrett.com/

'Till next time,
Gotta love Music

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June 1, 2009
Battle of the Different Bands: School Boy Humor, Mayday Parade

Hello out there,

I've been hearing so many replica bands lately who seem like they're doing something different, but they're just doing bad imitations of more popular band's. It irritates me when I can't remember what songs go with what band, 'cause a large amount are starting to sound alike! Okay...

Mayday Parade and School Boy HumorNow I have a few bands I think you guys should try out, School Boy Humor. Yeah, thoughts of 'No Way' were creeping through my head until I heard a fun pop/punk tune that made me take another listen to their album 'Don't Look Back'!

From Little Rock, they are signed to Vagrant's Record with producer, Geoff Rockwell, who also worked on Forever the Sickest Kid album. This band is definitely one for a fun mood when you want to hear a great pop/punk tune like the band's song 'Camera Shy'.

Have a listen: PureVolume.com/SchoolBoyHumor

Now, for anyone who likes rock vocals and an alternative sound, then my I suggest a dose of Mayday Parade and their song 'When I get Home'.

The band spent time on the Van's Warped Tour and Released A Lesson in Romantics on July 10, 2007. Derived from the merger between the band's A Kid named Chicago and Defining Moment, the band is signed to Fearless Records. Do you like Boys Like Girls? Do you enjoy Kings of Leon? Try Mayday Parade.


Also I heard a band: Artist Vs. Poet, I like the song 'Runaway', but is that the only good song? What do you guy's think of this band?


Until Next Time,
Gotta have music

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May 31, 2009
Hey Monday

Pop / punk / Indie rock 

Blasting out of West Palm Beach, Florida is a pop/rock band Hey Monday! The lead Vocalist, Cassadee Pope, while still in high school was discovered at a regional music conference; she then drew the attention of A&R executives with her vocals, using comparisons of Avril Lavigne and vocalist Haley from Paramore. A band was formed consisting of Jersey bass guitar, Mike-lead guitar, Alex-rhythm guitar, Ellliot-drums and a now nineteen year old Cassadee Pope. They're referred to as 'Hey Monday'.

Their current singles include the 2008 release of 'Homecoming' and the 2009 release of 'How you love me now'. The group has been touring since September 2008, prior to the release of 'Hold On Tight' in October 2008. Hey Monday was a part of the Why So Serious? Tour with The Providence and Rocket to the Moon from 9/11/08 -9/28/08. As well as the Hot Topic Acoustic Tour with We The Kings and Cash Cash from 1/12/09 - 1/20/09.

Hey Monday is currently rockin' out on the north American Believers Never Die Part Deux Tour with Fall Out Boy from 4/3/09 - 5/17/09. They will once more invade the United Kingdom when on tour with We The King's from 5/22/09 - 6/1/09.

The band made an appearance on the Citizens FOB mix tape: Welcome to the New Administration '2008', and Cassadee paired with The Cab for a mixed version of The Cab's song 'Take My Hand'.

Cassadee most recently appeared in the music video for 'America's Suithearts' by Fall Out Boy.

Hey Monday has a fun punk/rock sound and a feel good album. If you enjoy Avril Lavigne, Forever The Sickest Kids, Mercy Mercedes or Paramore then you'll rock out to the infectious beat that is Hey Monday.


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