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For immediate release - March 6, 2013

Library Display Award Winners

The Lake County Library System is proud to announce The Viva Libros! Library Awards. The historical displays at participating libraries have been created by library staff with the assistance of Historical Societies and Friends of the Library groups. These promotional displays are part of a campaign designed to increase awareness of, and attendance at, Lake BookFest events.

Best Promotion of Theme is awarded to the Leesburg Public Library for their display commemorating one of Leesburg’s early festivals – the Watermelon Festival. The display window at the main entrance to the Leesburg Public Library features photographs and articles depicting Leesburg as the Watermelon Capital of the World, so named in 1926 by the US Department of Agriculture.

Best Presentation award goes to the Fruitland Park Library for “Welcome to the Park.” In the 1880’s Fruitland Park had all the advantages of natural beauty and a desirable location for winter visitors, home seekers, the farmer, the citrus grower, and the business man. Meet “Flora” a circa 1880’s proper lady dressed in her hand-picked finery and take a pictorial tour of Fruitland Park during this time period.

Best Use of Historical Resources is awarded to the Umatilla Public Library for their display centered around the history of the railroad and the local citrus industry. The 3 dimensional display contains newspaper articles, old pictures and paraphernalia that portray the rich history in Umatilla

Special Mention goes to the following libraries for their outstanding work.

The Astor County Library created a unique tri-fold display of photographs and documents about Astor History. To complement the display, a laptop computer is running 3 continuous photo shows: the Astor Historical Project, Hendrickson Family in the 1920’s and Lake County history.

The Cooper Memorial Library mounted a west hall display window near the main entrance which features items, memorabilia, and photographs chronicling the rich and varied history of the Cooper Memorial Library and the city of Clermont, and the many qualities that are distinct and unique to South Lake County.

The East Lake County Library’s display is themed after the Sorrento Train Station, built in 1886 and torn down in the 1970s. Staff has included tracks on the floor that lead to the library display case of the East Lake Historical Society.

The Marion Baysinger Memorial County Library’s display is an interactive game for patrons to review the history of the area. Titled Groveland History: Fact or Fiction?, the display contains photos, citrus labels as well as items promoting the BookFest and our programs.

Paisley County Library’s display celebrates the people who lived and worked their entire lives to better this community. For the last 110 years, Paisley has had only 6 postmasters. One of whom was Jessie Perkins, the Aunt of Walt Disney. Grace Parker became the next postmaster and served mail out of the house across the street from the Paisley Library.

The City of Tavares Public Library is commemorating historic Tavares and its tie to trains and the orange industry. Upon entrance through the main doors of the library, is a display of historic Tavares photographs flanked by orange crates from area packing plants and the Lake Region Packing facility that was located behind the historic courthouse.

The W.T. Bland Public Library has played host to several Honky Freeway parties since the filming of this comedy in 1980. The movie which featured an all-star cast painted the entire downtown area of Mount Dora pink. Bubbles the water skiing elephant could be seen on Lake Dora in front of the historic Lakeside Inn throughout the filming.&


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